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The Horus Heresy: Legions News

Last chance to finish the Night Lord campaign!

"You get to live. I have bigger prey."
– Sevatar

There's not much time left to complete the current single-player campaign: Terror on Thramas! Lead the Night Lords against the First Legion across the sector and receive amazing rewards.

Embark on an epic journey to stop the Dark Angels from reinforcing the rest of the Imperium!

Saul Niborran arrives this weekend!

"I won't back out of this."
– Saul Niborran

The Lord General arrives to man the walls personally against the Warmaster's traitorous hordes! Find Niborran in this weekend's special deal and add him and his exclusive collector's card back to your collection!

Master the Solar Auxilia with the legendary Marcus Valerius legendary card! Take control of the battlefield this weekend!

New event: Regicide on Numinal!

"They will suffer for spilling blood of my blood."
– Ireton MaSade

New timed event: Regicide on Numinal! Chaos begins to spread across the Coronid Deeps as traitor Knight, Mechanicum and Army forces lay siege to the peaceful agri-world of Numinal, in order to stifle reinforcements and supplies reaching Terra. Lord Marshal Ireton MaSade steps out of retirement to lead the Imperial defense against the Warmaster's forces!

Join the event and fight to decide which cosmetic will join the collection when it ends!

Sevatar returns with his alternate art!

"I have a Legion to piece back together."
– Sevatar

The Lord of the Atramentar returns to the battlefield in a terrifying style in today's flash sale! Sow fear among your enemies with his alternate artwork and voicelines. Get his alternate artwork, premium deck and a matching card back in this timed exclusive deal!

Don't miss the chance to add Sevatar's exclusive art to your collection. Marshal the Sons of the Sunless World, and lead them to war!

Jangsai Khan arrives in the daily shop!

"Show me your truth."
– Jangsai Khan

Discover Jangsai in the shop today! A fresh recruit into the 5th Legion, Jangsai soon rose to command during the Siege of Terra and became a deadly warrior. He joined the White Scars counter-attack on the Lion's Gate space port and assisted his Legion in reclaiming it from the forces of the Death Guard.

Glory to the Khan!