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Gods & Relics Hotfix #3

[h2]Letter from the Team[/h2]

We are releasing a variety of bug fixes for priority issues discovered in 0.3.3.

The update will be released at approximately on November 22, 2023 at 10 am PT (GMT-8).

  1. Fixed Controlled Weaving granting Will uncapped per turn instead of once per turn.
  2. Fixed Elusive Whisper granting Blur every turn when having a Ambusher 4 or Ambusher 6.
  3. Updated Uncommon augments Shielding Shield Bash and Shielding Cryoclasm to grant shield earlier so that hitting spicy enemies will damage the shield first instead of your HP.
  4. Fixed Crush showing incorrect stacks on tooltip when the enemy has damage resist.
  5. Fixed Godkeeper's downward cast animation causing a delay.
  6. Fixed Rare Godkeeper vestige Freedom Tally granting Combo instead of Martial Master.
  7. Fixed Verdant 8 sometimes not granting maxhp or granting it delayed.
  8. Fixed Brain Tuna tooltip showing incorrect magic power.
  9. Fixed Restoration Epic augment Nurturing Restoration not stacking.
  10. Fixed multiple issues with the online mode server region selection dropdown not working correctly.

Inkbound Now On Sale!

INKBOUND IS NOW ON SALE! From November 21st to the 28th you can now buy Inkbound at a discount! This is a great time to pick up the game or invite your friends who haven’t yet experienced all the Inkbound fun!

Check out the sale here on Inkbound's story page.

Curious what is in Inkbound’s future? Want to know what to expect for Inkbound 1.0? Do not fear, your answers are here! Read all about the exciting changes you have to look forward to in the Inkbound roadmap.

Have more questions? Want to find someone to party up with? Need help completing the Victory Board? Come say ‘Hi’ in Discord! I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Don’t see me hanging out in chat channels? Don’t be afraid to ping our amazing Mods. Seriously, they are the best.

As always, thank you so much for your support of Inkbound and the Shiny Shoe team. We are all blown away by how amazing the Inkbound players are and can't wait to see you and your friends in the game's social hub!

See you in the Atheneum!
~Community Manager at Shiny Shoe

Gods & Relics - Mid-Season Update

[h2]Letter from the Team[/h2]

We’re excited to announce a variety of new features that we’re launching in a Gods & Relics Mid-Season Update (0.3.3). We hope you’ll enjoy them and look forward to hearing your feedback.

[h2]Release Timing[/h2]

This patch will be released at approximately 10 am PT (UTC-8) on November 20th, 2023.

[h2]New Features[/h2]

[h3]Improved Offline Mode[/h3]
We've had the ability to play offline for a few months but the feature was only available if the Steam Client itself was offline. To make this more accessible, we've put a mode toggle directly on the main menu. Now you can choose to play offline while you still have an internet connection. The game client has to restart to change modes due to current technical limitations.

Other improvements:
  • You can collect cosmetics and Vault Dust while offline. Previously you could not.
  • You can create a character while offline. Previously you had to create a character online at least once before you could play offline.

Note that while in offline mode you cannot access multiplayer and cannot play the Daily Challenge.

[h3]New Daily Challenge Mutators[/h3]
In this update we've added 13 new mutators for the Daily Challenge to mix things up and increase the variety of challenges. The new mutators are:

  1. Ascended: Start with random ascensions.
  2. Augmented: Start with full set of random augments.
  3. Broken Will: -2 Will Reserve. +100 Omni Power
  4. Track Star: Start with Withered Tracks.
  5. Bat Attack: Inkula appears on each Guardian and Villain encounter.
  6. Cursed Treasure: Start with 5 Treasure Hunter. On turn start, take 1 damage per 100 Kwillings owned.
  7. Rainbow Flavored: When using a Vestige Extractor or Harvester, increase a random equipped set by 1 and decrease a random equipped set by 1
  8. Mimicry: Random Mimics appear on each Guardian and Villain encounter.
  9. Set Collector: After winning a battle, increase a random equipped set by 1
  10. Vestige Shuffle: At the end of combat, your vestige in your 1st slot is shuffled with a random one of the same rarity.
  11. Vestige Trade Up: At the end of each book, all your vestiges are shuffled with random ones of 1 higher rarity.
  12. Seeing Double: Vestigial Shrines now duplicate Vestiges instead of destroying.
  13. Toxic Friendship: Bombbits and Lil' Lusks appear on each turn during Guardian and Villain encounters.

[h3]End Turn Emote Slot[/h3]
We've added a new emote equip slot that plays automatically in multiplayer when you end your turn. This is an easy way to visually alert your teammates that you are done with your turn.

[h3]Trinket Counter UI[/h3]
Using a Trinket that has some kind of counter associated with it? Now it is tracked in the UI to make it easier to see.

[h2]Other Changes[/h2]
[h3]General & Quests[/h3]
  1. If you have an open quest tracking slot when accepting a quest from an NPC it will now auto-track.
  2. After looking at win rates with the new update, slightly reduced difficulty scaling on regular enemies for 2 players, and slightly increased it for 3 and 4 players.
  3. Moved vestige grinders at Villains into the merchant chunks.
  4. Fixed mutator Radical Rewrite not reducing your Binding Cooldowns when using Impale or Runic Strike.
  5. More Sea Breaches can be found in book 2 so that there is no longer a case of only having a vestigial shrine at the end.
  6. Fixed Unstable brew tooltip showing 150 Omni Damage. Fixed Unstable Brew increasing incoming damage until end of turn.
  7. Bloodthirst Blend now gives 10 stacks of Vigor instead of healing for 10. This is to both fix some instances where this would cause the damage preview to be wrong, as well as be a slight nerf to a still powerful potion.
  8. Fixed an issue where the daily quest to apply debuffs wouldn't count Burn after the quest count reached 100.
  9. Fixed bug with quest to eat fish in Argolath's Lair.
  10. Fixed Fish effects not stacking if consumed multiple of the same fish.
  11. Nerfed the Gain Will using Seatrickle in a single combat from 5->3.

[h3]Vestiges, Sets, and Trinkets[/h3]
  1. Legendary Vestiges are now slightly more likely to show up as upgrades in place of Epics.
  2. Vigorous right now at all levels is more or less breaking the scales of power. We're making two notable changes: the current 3 set requirement is now 4 and the 6 set no longer doubles healing (we'll put this somewhere else in the future) and instead has a cap of 6, up from 3. Although even on live right now it's bugged and still caps at 5, so this will be a notable functional nerf.
  3. Fixed Uncommon vestige Gossamer Dream not stacking.
  4. Updated Epic vestige Dice of Fates to grant Will on your turn when gaining +1 Will Reserve, instead of only on your future turns.
  5. Updated Prey to not be able to be applied to Villains.
  6. Fixed Epic vestige Captain’s Ciphers reducing longest cooldown by 2 instead of to 0.
  7. Updated Stone Pitchpipe wording to more accurately reflect ability effect. "The first Binding you use each turn gains 1 Cost Discount and reduces Cooldown by 1." >>> "After using your first Binding each turn, it gains 1 Cost Discount and reduced Cooldown by 1."
  8. Fixed Reaver 3 granting +60 crit damage instead of +75 crit damage.
  9. Fixed Legendary Weaver vestige Loom of the Lost Artisan not stacking. Fixed it granting the buff regardless of the # of threads you have.
  10. Fixed an issue where "The Godscourt Seal" vestige would trigger an additional time.
  11. Dial of Fate now shows the amount of the bonus given. Doubled the stat bonuses given.
  12. Blaze of Brigid trinket amount of burn inflicts required decreased from 50 >>> 20.
  13. Marker of the Unbound trinket turns of blight immunity decreased from 6 >>> 5.

[h3]Draftable Bindings[/h3]
  1. Fixed Cleave ascensions granting 3 shield per enemy hit with Shielding Cleave augment instead of only 3 shield.
  2. Fixed Incendiary ascension Wildfire saying all stacks of Burn are spread instead of half to match the tooltip for wildfire.
  3. Fixed Poison Vapor ascension Debilitating Poison showing up as Critical Vapor in the Quest Log.
  4. Fixed Pilfer ascension Heist on rare occasions not granting a vestige.
  5. Fixed Cleave ascension Eviscerate inflicting 5 stacks instead of 15 stacks of Bleed.
  6. Expedite no longer can reduce its own cooldown.

  1. Book 2 Guardians are still not providing enough challenge at that point in the run, especially compared to Book 1 Guardians, so continuing to bump up its thread. Book 2 Guardian HP from 16500 >>> 19500, except for Captor. Book 2 Captor HP from 10000 >>> 12000.
  2. Updated Janus the Malformed's Training Dummies to move on the first turn that they are activated.
  3. Made updates to enemy AI so they're more likely to group up in more circumstances. The goal is to avoid too much attack overlap but still trying to get them to be available to be attacked in a single turn.
  4. Ghostquills now re-aim their jump attack towards the player that hit them last.

  1. Clairvoyant has been under-performing slightly compared to the other aspects, so giving the class a nudge up.
  2. Increased Psychic Pulse damage from 50 >>> 65. Updated ascensions to match.

  1. Fixed Shield Bash targetting hitbox not including enemies that are at the edge near the player.

  1. Fixed run resume UI header says "quick dive" when it's a deep dive.
  2. Updated overhead icon for when Treasure Pot units will flee.
  3. Removed popup notifications for Marker of the Unbound since it was adding too much noise.
  4. Added confirmation button for cosmetic unlocks received from Guardian vaults.

  1. Chargers are now always in their angry idle instead of using normal or tired idle.
  2. Added new passive VFX for Weaver.
  3. Added new Ascension VFX for Telekinesis and Added ascension VFX for all Star Captain Bindings.

[h3]Engine & Other Bug Fixes[/h3]
  1. Fixed issue where MP run resume could do weird things if you came out of the login queue.

Early Access Patch 0.3.2

[h2]Letter from the Team[/h2]

This update includes a number of bug fixes, balance changes, and the continuation of visualizing Aspect passive abilities to make them clearer. We've got more incremental improvements to the game coming later this month and we continue to watch all feedback channels to prioritize bugs to fix.

Thanks for playing!

[h2]Release Timing[/h2]

This patch will be released at approximately 10 am PST (UTC-8) on November 8th, 2023.

[h2]Full Patch Notes[/h2]

[h3]General & Quests[/h3]
  1. Adjusted friendly unit target selection behavior to make it easier to target other players.
  2. Fixed bug where a victory board achievement could never resolve.
  3. Fixed bug where some players could get softlocked in Vengewood + Proving Grounds quest because the Ink Repository was blocked off.
  4. Fixed bug where Burn Milestone was incrementing for non-Burn status effects.
  5. Updated VB quest related to Kwilling Hoarder and never purchasing anything to be more clear about kinds of purchases that will invalidate quest.
  6. Updated incorrect quest objective description.
  7. Updated VB quest related to Kwilling Hoarder set from 6->5.
  8. Updated the names of Mimic defeat Milestones to include their count (e.g. Mimic II, Mimic III, Mimic IV)
  9. Fixed various incorrect Augment names in quests.

  1. Right now, the 1st Guardian is in good shape difficulty-wise, but Guardian 2 and the Villain don't pose nearly as much of a threat in comparison, so we are making balance updates to try to address that.
  2. Updated some book 2 combats that were either too hard or too easy.
  3. Increased Book 2 Guardian HP from 15000 >>> 16500, except for Captor.
  4. Increased Book 2 Captor HP from 8000 >>> 10000.
  5. Increased Book 2 Nimbit HP from 250 >>> 300. Increased attack from 2 >>> 3.
  6. Updated Shadow of Ruhnstone. Decreased damage falloff for scaled AOE attack from 70% >>> 50%. Increased range from 14 >>> 15. Added scaled aoe ring from 2 rings >>> 3 rings. Slightly increased Ruhnstone hand direct attack scaling from 50% attack >>> 75% attack.
  7. Updated Argolath. Increased Tentacle base attack from 2 >>> 3. Increased Eye Beam attack scaling from 50% >>> 75%.
  8. Revised fix for boss phase change intents not always correctly being set.

[h3]Magma Miner[/h3]
  1. Increased Bonk Rare augment Scorching Bonk range.

  1. Fixed Shield Bash ascension Shield Slam showing incorrect base damage '100' instead of '165'.

[h3]Vestiges & Sets & Trinkets[/h3]
  1. Fixed an issue where the trinket "Chart of Stars" effect would persist after being exchanged with another trinket.
  2. Fixed Common vestige Scattered Samples granting 1 Will instead of 2.
  3. Updated Legendary vestige Heart of the Last Lifeless: "On your first turn, gain 10 ability power until end of combat for every 7 max hp you have." >>> "... for every 9 max hp you have.".
  4. Updated Legendary vestige Nim's Oath: +10 max hp >>> +4 max hp.
  5. Updated Legendary vestige Window to Eternal Longing: "On restoring your HP in combat, this vestige gains 10 physical damage. On your turn, restore 2 HP." >>> "On restoring your HP in combat, this vestige gains 10 physical damage, up to 3 times per turn. On your turn, restore 1 HP.".
  6. Updated Legendary vestige Sybil the Lava Lizard. "Increase maximum heat stacks by 10. On your turn, gain 5 stacks of heat." >>> "...On your turn, gain 4 stacks of heat.".
  7. Updated Legendary vestige The Stonesteel Boulder: 3 shielding >>> 1 shielding.
  8. Updated Rare vestige Uhnic Charge. Rare >>> Epic.
  9. Updated Rare vestige Pendant of the Weaver: +0 Max HP >>> +4 Max HP.
  10. Updated Uncommon vestige Frozen Heart. +0 Max HP >>> +3 Max HP.
  11. Updated Uncommon vestige Swift Hare: "On using a Binding, 30% chance to reduce its Cooldown by 1." >>> "... 50% chance to reduce its Cooldown by 1.".
  12. Updated Common vestige Whittling Mitts: "On your turn, inflict 2 stacks of Frostbite on the nearest Enemy." >>> "...inflict 3 stacks of Frostbite...".
  13. Fixed Rare vestige Poisoned Heart having a hidden effect increasing damage dealt to poisoned enemies.
  14. Updated Vigorous 3: "Gain 1 Vigor for each point of damage you take each turn, up to 4." >>> "... up to 3.".
  15. Updated Vigorous 5 >>> Vigorous 6. "Double healing done to you. Gain 1 Vigor for each point of damage you take each turn, up to 7" >>> "... up to 5.".

[h3]Draftable Bindings[/h3]
  1. Fixed Cleave ascension Eviscerate inflicting 5 stacks instead of 15 stacks of Bleed.

  1. Fixed visual issue where Logbook button in Menu Bar would glow even if quests were tracked.
  2. Changed Leaderboard entries to only be retrieved when that Logbook tab is viewed instead of every time the Logbook is opened.

  1. The Godkeeper uses a new animation for "Downwards" Binding casts.
  2. Chargers are now always in their angry idle instead of using normal or tired idle.
  3. Added new VFX to visualize Clairvoyant's Passive.
  4. Added new VFX to visualize Obelisk's Passive.
  5. Added Aspect swap VFX for Daily Challenges.

Gods & Relics Hotfix #2

[h2]Letter from the Team[/h2]

Today we are releasing a single bug fix for boss behavior that was caused in 0.3.1.

The update will be released at approximately on November 2, 2023 at 10 am PT (GMT-7).

  1. Fixed a problem where bosses may not take action as expected at phase transitions.