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Update 1.04

Hello, dear players!
The most active of you have already written to us a lot of minor flaws and problems. And this update fixes them!

List of fixes:
1. Fixed the achievement "Smart Guy" for winning all mini-games. Now it should be issued. You may have to go through them again, but that's not for sure.
2. Fixed the display of the number of deaths from 222 to 217 everywhere.
3. Fixed the achievement "Curious" for visiting 30 subcenes. You may also have to run through them again... Or maybe the game will give you right away. Tell me later!
4. Fixed a problem with skipping the Totem mini-game and displaying its pass on other mini-games.
5. Fixed some errors and typos in the text

Thank you for writing about everything you found in the vastness of Dorgan!)
Who wrote the review is generally beyond praise!)))

Hot fix 4

Fixes for getting some achievements.
Added hotkey on H button - "hide interface".
When the interface is hidden - pressing F12, PrintScreen and left Alt is ignored

hot fix 3

fixed transition from scene 285

Hot fix 2

fixed scenes 202 and 136

hot fix 1

russian locale fixes
skip totem minigame bug fix