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Update 0.6.05

- There is a new machine in Zalesie: Three-row plow. Only a tractor is able to pull it.
- Plows no longer stops plowing upon contact with a single lump of grass (but you still need to cut the grass before plowing).
- Pitchforks are easier to use now and it's easier to pin stuff on them.
- Traders' daily buy limits were increased.
- Storks came to Zalesie.
- Distilleries no longer turn all alcohols into cider.
- You can no longer sleep or equip items while driving a vehicle or an animal.
- Ann will accept even an ordinary broth as part of her cooking quest task.
- Animals are not afraid to enter stalls with gunk laying inside (but they get dirty on contact).

[h3]Known issues[/h3]
- Some translations are missing. We will update them soon.