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2023 Fall Theme Update

Bug fix to spawning issues with jump/crash pad.
Applied Thanksgiving Theme to Lobby.
Turkey ai will be in the back of the lobby (you can grip them and ride them or shoot them).
Corn crop interactions have replaced the apple tree.

~WildOx Studios~

Fall Update 2023.5

Updated NPC dialog system to debounce audio so NPC's aren't firing the event over and over for audio.
Added additional choice events to the system.
Implemented the choice logic on "Joseph" near the Apocalypse entry area in the Lobby.
Players can now choose to have transport take the squad to the Apoc zone from interacting with Joseph.

This system will set the framework for interaction with Trader Joe at a later date.

~WildOx Studios~

Fall Update 2023.4

This should resolve the issue with quest 3 not detecting the HMD and controller profiles correctly after steamvr update changing from "oculus" to "meta" on the device information in openvr resulting in Vive wand "toggle grip" behavior instead of Oculus touch grip mechanics.

Shout out to NaturalBornCamper (Discord member) for reporting the issue.

~WildOx Studios~

Fall Update 2023.3

Resolving issues with hang on exit and session list duplication.
Removed "Lan" options from the tablet while troubleshooting session issues.
Removed "Dedicated Server Search" from tablet until next DLC launch.

~Wildox Studios~

Fall Update 2023.2

Updated Vivox Voice support to the V5 core subsystem and migrated from Vivox developer portal to unity admin portal as required for v5. Developed Unreal Engine subsystem for Vivox core and implemented. Voice Chat should now be fully functional again.

~WildOx Studios~