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Steam Summer sales

It's summer!

Steam Summer Sales are here and MVOL is 60% off until July 7th!

Come and enjoy the coolness of the Carpathians and go for the gigantic castle of the count!

Patch notes 1.1 22/06/2022


• Fractured premonition mode now allows to play all discovered levels and the next 3 levels even if they have not been discovered yet in adventure mode.
• Added a gauge on the main screen indicating the number of levels available in the fractured premonition mode.
• Fixed and improved lighting throughout the game.
• Improved dynamic shadows.
• Option for automatic climb (on by default).
• Added option to disable volumetric fog.
• Added a general slider for optimization/quality.
• Improved cursor precision in the menus.
• Improved ragdolls.
• William's left arm is now a ragdoll.
• Improved William's crystal material.
• William now moves 20% faster.
• Improved walking and climbing animations without a lantern.
• Corrections on the gypsy cousins' sentences and improvement of tony's dialogues.
• New lamp models have been added.
• Improved display of clues and acts.
• Improved and added text for skeletons.
• Visual improvement of mirror snap blocks.
• Improved display of joystick controls in the interface.
• Improved animations with lanterns.
• Various interface optimizations.

[h3]SOUNDS [/h3]
• Improved climbing sound.
• Added sound alteration during speed acceleration.
• Added new music for various levels.
• The sound dialogues time of the pnj is shorter.

[h3]BUG FIXES [/h3]

• Fixed a bug preventing vermin from interacting properly with lasers.


• Improved dialogue from Vos Helsing, Jonathan Harker and Tony.

Summer sales

Summer is just around the corner!

And to make the most of it, MVOL will be 60% off during the Steam summer sales from June 23rd to July 7th !

This is the perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover My Very Own Light, which will be accompanied by an optimisation patch and numerous improvements.


Happy lunar new year 2022!

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, MVOL will be 40% off from 28 January to 3 February!

There are also curious altars that have appeared in the Hedge Labyrinth and the Hunting Lodge...but what can they contain?

Patch notes 20/01/2022

• Added the ability to make lateral movements with the 3rd person camera to allow the player to choose their preferred configuration.
• Updated controls in the in-game interface.
• Improved William's animations with the lantern.

[h3]SOUNDS [/h3]
• New music has been added for The Occult Wing.