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Grim Clicker News

Version v.083d - Quickfix

Added the possibility to perform a ritual in the city.

Huge Quality of Life Update

Version v.083

In this update, you'll find many bugfixes, QoL improvements, and tweaks that the community has been asking for a long time.

[h3]New features:[/h3]
  • Added a new menu with detailed information on damage, crit multipliers, normal and magic crit chances. It can be accessed by clicking RMB on the damage icon. The menu makes stats more transparent and shows many of the stats that players previously had to calculate
  • After many requests from players, we added automatic conversion of candles to wax at the end of the shards (in the towns), with the current exchange rate. Now this wax counts towards more flame power in the next shard. The exact number converted is shown by a new pop-up menu when entering a town

[h3]Major corrections:[/h3]
  • Lots of plant-related bugs have been fixed, in particular the 'Warm Radiance' skill scaling should now work normally for all plants (previously it only gave a bonus once every 10 levels or so). Typos and outdated descriptions have been fixed as well
  • Wolf, General and Beetle transformation skills in their respective shards (Lunar, Clockwork, Luminous) are available earlier. Because of that, some other skills are available slightly earlier as well. Relevant information has been added to the shard descriptions
  • More things are saved between game sessions! This update now includes saving and loading for all plant effects and all potion effects, as well as the 'March' skill. Previously they were reset after exiting the game. Where necessary, the descriptions have been changed a bit
  • As a consequence, saving has been implemented for some related stats, such as % of poison on enemies or number of guaranteed crit hits, hero speed, and some others

[h3]Minor fixes:[/h3]
  • Fixed a bug where if player had a lot of skill icons it could cover the potions submenu
  • Fixed that some weapon types were not getting the bonus from 'Rage of Darkness'
  • Fixed incorrect bonus from 2nd syllable of Dragon on Heavy and Primal Heavy weapons
  • Fixed that the 'Learn skill' soul action for General's gear skills didn't spend oil (now you can't abuse 'Ecology', for example).
  • Fixed the 'Dark Balance' skill in the Spirit skill tree in a similar way
  • Revised how bonus from taking any two syllables of 'P' sign work. Now when you take the bonus, General skill is no longer available on the level 9 of the player. Instead, the skill is moved to the stat 9 of Strength skill tree
  • Also fixed the bug that this bonus worked only from 4 syllables taken (not 2, as in the description)
  • Fixed a bug where with 'Mask of The Third Eye' you could take the General skill early for 1 SP (instead of 10 SP, as with all early unlocks)
  • Fixed big Mana and Energy values not fitting into their respective vials
  • Fixed incorrect description for Flame Flow when Flash skill and Rain syllables are taken. Added math for the fire stream amount to the description
  • The 'Desecrate Shards' button now gives the correct amount of wax (previously it did not take into account bonuses from the shards shop).
  • Fixed a rare bug where generation of new shard types could sometimes happen again if there were none left in current galaxy
  • Minor fixes for Madness visuals
  • Some fixes for weapon tooltip text
  • Extended changelog of previous update
  • And other rather minor fixes :)

Announcement: Epic Auto Towers, auto battler & deckbuilding mix.

Hey everyone!

I'm excited to announce that I'm making a new game, "Epic Auto Towers"!

Epic Auto Towers is a turn-based strategy game combining elements of autobattler, deckbuilder and roguelike. Purchase uncommon and rare Towers and build the strongest combo to withstand the monster assault! Discover unusual new Tower combinations as you come back for more.

For Grim Clicker, all updates are on track. Epic Auto Towers has been in development for quite some time and is being developed in parallel with Grim Clicker, so this game will not disturb Grim Clicker's way from Early Access.

Add game to wishlist now!


Quickfix for version 0.82

Fixed a bug that could cause an error when starting a new game.

Game Update: New Shards

Version v.082

Added 3 new shards.

Lunar Shard - the ritual does not reset the lunar bond (wolf).
Clockwork shard - the ritual does not reset the mechanics (general).
Luminous shard - the ritual does not reset the spirit (beetle).

In order for these new shards to appear in space, you must learn the corresponding syllables of the 'Wanderer' sign.

The 'Wanderer' sign is now fully completed, all syllables are available for study.