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Version v1.03

A small patch with fixes.

  • Fixed a bug where 'Frost Soul' skill could be launched by active automation ignoring current mana (soul action, 'Cunning', etc), which could take mana values into the negatives.
  • Golden Umbrella no longer gains temporary levels, as they never influenced its effect anyway.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the penalty from 'Rough Clicks' in the '+ crit %' part of the Dexterity bar, which ignored Rain syllables effect. Full information on crit is always available by pressing RMB on the damage icon on the top bar.
  • Fixed a typo: 'assasin' -> 'assassin'.

Version v1.02 - Another small update with a couple of fixes

Version v1.02

Another small update with a couple of fixes.

  • Fixed several bugs with masks while playing as a non-default character. In particular, it was possible to get another mask in the form of Beetle and General, if the player previously had a mask in the hidden skill tree.
  • Similar fix now for three characters in Duplicity shards, when masks from hidden skill trees didn't count towards the limit of 2 masks.
  • Added cloud saving hint to the main menu.
  • Fixed a long-standing typo: 'dissasemble' -> 'disassemble'.

Version v1.01 - A small update with a couple of fixes

The game has been updated!
Version v1.01

A small update with a couple of fixes.

  • Fixed a bug with the General's 'Signal' skill. Its instakill part was sometimes missing small enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where in Blood Shards disabling shard effects also turned off enemy regeneration.
  • Fixed a visual bug in Beetle and General form that with Third Eye Mask and either skill at 0, the skill cost was showing as 10, even though it was actually 1, since this corresponds to the skills condition about availability if the player is already in the form from the skill. Now in both cases the cost is 1.

Version 1.0 -- RELEASE!

[h2]Grim Clicker is out of early access![/h2]
The game has been in Early Access longer than expected, but a lot of work has been done during that time. There are no major changes in this update. First of all, we want the game to come out of Early Access in a stable state.

All the changes and content that was added during Early Access can be seen here, via Steam news.

As we think, these are the most important innovations made during Early Access:

[h2]Thank you![/h2]
We want to say a big thank you to all the players who downloaded the game in Early Access and supported us all this time. Without feedback from the community, the game wouldn't have gotten this big. And of course, thank you for reporting all the bugs and issues :)

Version v.099b

A small patch update with fixes.

  • Added progress counters to all quantifiable achievements that cannot be immediately viewed in the achievement interface. This includes the numbers of champions, chests, rituals, quests, bosses, fireflies, clicks, and galaxy reached.

  • Fixed the 500 champions achievement, progress towards which was reset for some players after completing a quest to kill the champions
  • Fixed the interface bug, when if a player completed the game and got to another universe, then the universe type icon was drawn on top of the Location Maps submenu
  • Small fixes on the title screen