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Spring Tournament 2023

The flowers are in full bloom! Both fauna and flora flourish in the wilds. The arena beyond the horizon entangled by nature's mighty vines.

Gladiators cut their way to the colosseum, both foliage and other fighters fall in their wake.

However, this begs the question....

Who shall rise atop and become: Spring's Champion?

When: Date to be announced
Where: TITAN Server

[h3]Requirements to join[/h3]

- Minimum of 175 level Main
- Minimum of 165 level Mercenaries
- Minimum of 8 Million Might
- The character who wins the Spring Seasonal Tournament 2023 will not be able to join the other seasonal tournaments for this year 2023. Other account entries will be accepted instead.
- The champion character of each Seasonal Tournament (Fall, Winter) will be able to join the next invitational for the year 2024.

[h3]Special Rule[/h3]

• Only use Staff Main Classes 
 -> Staff Main (Mage)
 -> Atlantian Battlemage

• You CANNOT use the following Main Classes:
 -> Sword Main (Knight)
 -> Spear Main (Dragoon)
 -> Axe Main (Reaver)
 -> Saw Main (Berserker)
 -> Atlantian Blademaster
 -> Bow Main (Marksman)
 -> Rifle Main (Rifleman)
 -> Cannon Main (Bombardier)
 -> Instrument Main (Maestro)
 -> Stormcaller
 -> Celestial Hunter

Mercenary Hippolyte and Spartacus are banned when forming a squad.
Natasha (Assassin) is required to join the squad formation

Note: Not following the special rule would be REMOVED from the tournament. The rules is made to make the tournament more challenging for the participants.

•To make your entry valid kindly send a screenshot of your Main/Mercenary level and might to our Official Discord Server. There will be an exclusive channel for tournament entry.

Discord Link to Registration: Spring Tournament 2023 - Registration

Application for entry is still open:
• Participation Rewards
• 3x [Glorious Championship Medal ]

Note: Registered players who aren't present on the day of the tournament will 
not be able to participate in the next seasonal tournament.

Reminder: Please have a stable connection before entering the match to avoid any issues and disqualifications.

The arena awaits, will you be the next champion?

~ Atlantica VALOFE Team

Atlantica Day - June 2023

Natasha has come a long way ever since her release and it's safe to say that she's had such a warm welcome~

A durable assassin able to dish out damage and follow the thematic of a vengeful mercenary; various builds, team compositions and certain theories have formed just by having her around on your or your friend's roster!

For your continuous support for Atlantica (and to make up for the numerous connection issues) we will be having a special AO Week setting especially for you.

Duration: May 25 - May 31, 2023 (PST Time)

Get ready and get excited! It’s that time of the month again. Atlantica Day is here!

Duration: June 1 - June 8, 2023 (PST Time)

[h3]Atlantica Day Event Buffs[/h3]

1. Resting EXP. Boost 300% up
2. Diary EXP. Boost 300% up
3. Winner Gift Box Event
4. Jackpot Hourly Raffle (AT Day Jackpot Gift)
5. Party EXP Multiplier x2 and x3
6. EXP Bonus Time 300%
7. Crafting EXP 200%
8. Battle Buffs (Attack Power and Def +20%)
9. AT Day Sale (Mercenary, Legion, Books, and Atlas Ores)
10. Atlas Ore Enhancement discount -20%

[h3]Atlantica Day Coupons[/h3]

Aside from the Gift Boxes, you can get the [Atlantica Day Coupon] for every hour that you are online. The number of coupons will increase per hour and everyone can earn up to 6 coupons and a Honey Jar Key! These coupons can be exchanged for weapons to the Atlantacong NPCs located in Rome!

Be sure to log in for those bonus EXP and buffs!

See you in-game and have a great week!

~Atlantica VALOFE Team

Patch Notes - May 24, 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 461990! We’re closing in on the end of May but it is not without rounding up this month with a series of minor fixes, adjustments and an introduction to this month’s  newest  individual dungeon!

Momotaro has finally finished packing up and will be taking his leave in today’s update. He thanks the many Atlantians that helped him gather bouquets, and as such, the remaining Cherry Blossoms and Cherry Blossom Bouquets will also be gone after the update.

Much, much, more here in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- Merc. Skin
: [NEW] Grim Reaper: Toy Soldier

- Puzzle Piece
: [NEW] Grim Reaper Nutcracker Pack

- Individual Dungeon
: [NEW] Back Alley

- Key
: [NEW] Back Alley Gate Key

- Misc.
: [NEW] Vengeful Catalyst
: [NEW] Shadow Energy

- Weapon
: [NEW] Shadow Blade
: [NEW] Natasha’s Shadow Blade

- Collection
: [NEW] Shadow Blades

“Natasha wasn’t just some mercenary recruited from out  of the blue. She often works alone, especially on covert operations. On one fateful night, she was the killing blow to one of the most notorious organizations known in the chilly lands of Moscow, the Shadow Gang!
Re-enact one of Natasha’s greatest feats and enter the moonlit Back Alley where the Shadow Gang raided a humble town!"

End of Cherry Blossom Event 2023 – Part 2
: Momotaro removed from Rome
: Cherry Blossoms , Cherry Blossom Bouquets and Cherry Blossom Festival Tickets  are removed

Momotaro now departs from Rome and with him, a cart of all the Cherry Blossom Bouquets that were gathered during the festival.
Both his shop , cherry blossoms and bouquets will be removed once the update is completed.

Be sure to check out Momotaro, located in Rome Plaza or the Dungeon Entrance, to exchange any remaining bouquets for event exclusive rewards!”

Mouth of the Abyss 2023
: Malignant Shard – Drop rate adjustment

The outworld beasts have hoarded more crystals than before! These beasts will be dropping more Malignant Shards than usual; reports Sorel.

Pre-loaded Special AO Day June 2023 Setting
: Activation starts at 25th of May

Monthly Exploration June 2023 Setting

Grim Reaper Nutcracker Pack “Obtain Grim Reaper’s Toy Soldier skin along with essential items and mercenary skin enhancement stones!”

Frozen Abyss
: Can now obtain Monster Info

Accessory Stats - added Enemy Instruments, Power Saws and Fists Damage Mod
: Corrupted Dragon Necklace
: Lord’s Ring of Honor
: Lord’s Ring of Authority

- Fixed an issue where the Spanish translation for the Tatami Dungeon quest line appeared as numbers

- Fixed an issue where the 4-set Bonus for Moonlight Wizard and Arch Paladin’s set was a cut off text
: Changed to Increase Max Number of Active Units +1 at the start of Battle (Round 1) - (Limited to Normal Battles)

Mouth of the Abyss (2023)

Greetings Atlantians!

Otherworldly beasts have come to wreak havoc on unsuspecting Atlantians. Though none may know where they hail from, the beasts’ objective is clear, they’ve come to only destroy and expand their territory for the glory of their enigmatic master. 

It is up to you Atlantians to be the defenders of all things good and fend off the malignant beasts from plunging the world in a lifetime of taint and corruption.

Seek out Sorel Andersen and a researcher named Caleb, both of which are stationed in Rome, who are tasked with scouting and knowing the nature of these mysterious creatures. Assist them, and you’re sure to be well-rewarded.

Event Duration:
May 11, 2023, until June 08, 2023 (PST Time)


• Fight any monsters between level 60 and above. [Outworld Beast] will appear randomly.

• Defeat [Outworld Beast] to collect [Malignant Shard].

•You can obtain more Malignant Shards by speaking with [Sorel Andersen]. Complete his daily quests and get 100x Malignant Shards as a reward!

Location: He can be found on the west side in Rome Plaza

[h3]Event Quest[/h3]

• Exchange [Malignant Shard] to [Researcher Caleb] to receive event rewards.
Location: He can be found beside Sorel Andersen.

[h3]Mouth of the Abyss Item Exchange[/h3]

Exclusive rewards await!
The battle against the beasts rages on!

~ Atlantica VALOFE Team

Patch Notes - May 11, 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 461980! Starting off May with the conclusion to our Cherry Blossom Event! Be sure to use up all your petals and turn in your bouquets to Momotaro and obtain event exclusive rewards before they leave the shelves~

The threat of the abyss returns! Sorel and Caleb returns to Rome requesting the aid of Atlantians to hunt down Outworld Beasts from anywhere across the land!

More in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- Outfit Set
: [NEW] Blessed Paladin’s Set

- Decoration
: [NEW] Blessed Paladin’s Wings

- Mount
: [NEW] Guardian of Light

“Blessed Paladins swore an oath to eradicate the shadows from across the land! With the power of light, they call upon the heavens to smite their foes and imbue their strength with unfathomable holiness!
Take upon the oath, be protected by the light and become a warrior of order! Become the Blessed Paladin!”

- Collection
: [NEW] Vroom Vroom!

“Got your garage packed with the hottest wheels from across Atlantica? You can now gain a special collection buff once you’ve collected some of the rarest vehicles!”

: [NEW] Blessed Paladin’s Protection!

“Complete the Blessed Paladin’s Set and be infused with the power of light as you obtain the ‘Blessed Paladin’s Protection’ collection bonus!”

End of Cherry Blossom Event 2023 – Part 1

: Cherry Blossom teleport and dungeon closes
: Disabled Quests from NPC Nohime
: Cherry Blossom hourly rewards disabled
: Momotaro’s Cherry Blossom exchange remains in Rome and dungeon entrance

“Cherry Blossom Festival finally comes to an end! Guests from across the land arrive home with souvenirs glittered with petals, Nohime thanks everyone for joining in on the festivities and Momotaro remains helping out in cleaning the after party.

Be sure to check out Momotaro, located in Rome Plaza or the Dungeon Entrance, to exchange any remaining bouquets for event exclusive rewards!”

Mouth of the Abyss 2023

: Hourly Rewards activated
: Chance to encounter Outworld Beasts from any area or dungeon battle (PVE or TBS)
: Sorel and Caleb returns to Rome Plaza

“Sorel alerts Atlantians of an incoming swarm of beasts invading the land. Head on over to Rome Plaza and find ‘Sorel Andersen’ to see how you can deal with the invasion of beasts. Earn Malignant Shards by defeating Outworld Beasts which can be exchanged in Researcher Caleb’s event shop!
Obtain the limited time weapons ‘Wailing Piercer’ or the  ‘Shadowveil Buster’ and other essential resources!”

Blessed Paladin’s Boxes

“Obtain the Blessed Paladin’s Outfit/Decoration/Mount and other essential items!”