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Build 0.9.3 is now up!

Hello everyone, Beta 0.9.3 is live!

We have been working again very hard to bring you new bug fixes, updated feedbacks and game quality improvements.

  • Shop arrow is now showing over the tutorial text frame
  • Visual feedback on enemy hit
  • "Old Gameplay" renamed to "Alternative Controls" in the menu
  • Cleared the shop exit and refund with better texts
  • We can now restart the game from the in-game menu
  • Menu can now be toggled with the same key-bind

  • Fade from black doesn't stop when you get out of the shop too quickly
  • Collision on enemies doesn't push you into the boss anymore

Don't forget to join our open-beta (ending Sunday 22.5. at 10:00pm GMT+2)!

Give us your feedback or simply come talk to us on discord