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Achilles: Legends Untold is available NOW in Early Access!

[h2]Launch day has arrived![/h2]
Hey everyone! We're so excited to finally launch Achilles: Legends Untold into Early Access! Our small team has worked hard to deliver on our vision of making a challenging, but rewarding Souls-like experience featuring the legendary warrior Achilles ⚔️.

[h3]Early Access[/h3]
Early Access is just the beginning of our journey! We have a full campaign that we'll continue to add content to as we approach the full release of the game, and we'll be listening to all community feedback to help us shape Achilles: Legends Untold into the best game possible.

We'll reveal more of our plans for the game throughout Early Access, but here's what you can expect in the short term:
  • Twitch Integration - We want to help audiences engage with their favorite Twitch streamers during gameplay. We'll be adding the ability for viewers to vote on whether they REWARD or PUNISH streamers. It's up to the audience whether they choose kindness, or chaos.
  • Arenas - We'll be introducing portals to transport you from Greece to the depths of Tartarus. These challenging combat arenas will pit you against waves of enemies and powerful bosses.
  • New Boss - Another boss from Greek Mythology. We won't reveal the surprise quite yet... ♊

Thank you to everyone for playing Achilles: Legends Untold! We hope you enjoy the game, and be sure to leave us feedback on any of our social media accounts, or in our Discord server below!

Join our Discord to chat about the game, be the first to see new reveals, talk with the dev team, and more!


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