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Known Issues and Player Feedback

Player feedback is incredibly important to us, and is a big reason why we brought the game to Early Access. Your feedback will help us make Achilles: Legends Untold the best it can be.

We are aware of the performance issues players are experiencing in our co-op game mode. The team is working hard to address and fix these issues as soon as possible.

[h2]Known Issues[/h2]
Below is a list of other issues and bugs in the game that we are aware of so far. These are all actively being worked on.
  • Despawning Skeleton King and other bosses
    Exiting the game during the Skeleton King boss fight can cause issues after reloading the game. Players will get back to the boss arena and despawn the Skeleton King, locking themselves into the arena. Other boss fights might have the same issue

  • Getting stuck in environment
    In some cases, players can get hard-stuck in some environments. In rare cases, players need to restart the game entirely, as only reloading the game may have Achilles still stuck in the same position

  • Visual bugs when opening the equipment menu during portal travel
    Opening the equipment menu during portal travel may break the camera settings and cause the Achilles model to disappear from the equipment menu screen

  • Unable to interact with Shrines after potion teleport
    Using teleport to home potions during combat can cause problems with some interactive objects, mainly Hades Shrines. To fix it players will have to leave to the main menu and get back to the game.

  • Chiron's armor visual bug
    Wearing Chiron's Armor may distort Achilles' look in gameplay.

  • Firtos quest completion bug
    Dying during the fight with the three scorpions may cause an issue where one scorpion despawns, leaving the player unable to finish the quest.

  • King Scorpio completion bug
    Dying or leaving a fight with King Scorpio may cause him to de-spawn leaving the player unable to finish the quest.

  • Fullscreen/Windowed selection not saving
    Changing video settings to fullscreen or windowed fullscreen may not be saved in config file.

  • Fall through world at Chronos' temple
    On the wooden stairs close to Chronos’ temple it's possible for the player to sometimes fall through the world

  • Inconsistent co-op animation
    In co-op, low FPS on the host will cause jumpy animations on the client side.

  • Teleporting to Mountain Forest issue
    Interaction with the portal to Mountain Forest may cause game freeze

  • Equipment screen crash
    Opening the equipment menu at the exact time a tutorial message pops up may cause the game to freeze or crash

  • Cronos before Hephaestus blocking progression
    Entering Chronos’ temple before releasing Hephaestus can block progression in the main story line

  • Falling through world in the lower dungeon
    In some instances, entering the lower dungeon level can sometimes lead to falling through the world

  • Avast Antivirus false positive
    Avast antivirus can report false positive virus detection. We have confirmation from Avast that Achilles is verified and should not cause this issue

  • Localization issues
    Players may encounter some localization issues in languages other than English – missing translations, some text boxes might be empty or have text from other languages

  • Co-op Dungeon completion bug
    In rare cases during co-op, players may encounter issues that make dungeon completion impossible

  • Collision with objects bug
    In Greece, there are rare occasions where the player may get stuck in objects or fall through the map. Exiting to the main menu and selecting ‘Continue’ should fix the problem

  • Erratic enemy AI
    Sometimes enemies may act erratic, or in rare cases stop fighting the player entirely

  • Unobtainable loot
    In rare cases, loot drops from enemies may spawn outside the playable area and be unobtainable by the player

  • Completed quests shown as ongoing
    Some completed quests may be displayed in the journal as ‘ongoing’

We're working hard on fixing these bugs and we appreciate your patience. We will continue to be transparent with the community on what we are working on with the game throughout Early Access.

We welcome feedback and other bug reports in our Discord, on our social accounts, and in the Steam forums.

Thank you for your passion and support for Achilles: Legends Untold!


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