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Patch 0.1.1

EDIT: This patch went live on May 13th. The announcement was only posted to players that own the game originally.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback and bug reports so far!

We're monitoring all platforms for player feedback, though the best way to chat with the team and compare notes with other community members is in our Discord server.

Below are the updates made to Achilles: Legends Untold in Patch 0.1.1.:
  • Hit boxes have been improved and there is now better weapon collision with these hit boxes.
  • Shield-wielding enemies have their shield up less, and it is now easier to break their block.
  • Block time reaction has been improved.
  • Attacking animation response time improved.
  • Added 'empty' weapon and shield slots in the inventory. You can now unequip weapons as needed.
  • Archer behavior and arrow damage balance has been improved.
  • Warrior Ethos and Hero Ethos skills have been fixed.
  • Health potions have been rebalanced.
  • Improved health potion drop rate from skeletons.
  • Blood now shows on screen.
  • Moved 2nd Hades Shrine in Greece.
  • Updated Steam SDK 1.53a.


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