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Bugfixes and skipped cooldown for player turrets when switching maps

[h3]Version 1.0391[/h3]
🎯 [Misc] The default camera mode has been switched to "Centered" based on the results from a community poll.
🎯 [Balance] On-board ship turret weapons are no longer set to cooldown when changing maps.
🎯 [Balance] The Axiom skill "Straight Shooting" has been buffed and now provides 10% less spread per point (up from 5%).
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed a crash issue for the "jumper"-type enemies in Act 4.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed a race condition that could cause all kinds of weirdness, including crashes and item duplication.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed an issue that caused attack speed debuffs to instead increase attack speed.

Misc update

[h3]Version 1.039[/h3]
🎯 [Misc] The default camera mode has been changed to Cursor.
🎯 [Balance] Weapons are no longer set to cooldown when switching maps.
🎯 [Balance] The level requirement for items produced when gambling now always equals player level.
🎯 [Performance] Minor performance improvements.
🎯 [Balance] The hull has been increased for the ships that need to be rescued in the distress call events.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed another issue that could cause COOP clients to get stuck on loading screen when changing maps.
🎯 [Bug fix] A retry-pattern has been added to handle a case where an external program is accessing save files simultaneously to saving the progress (thus causing failure to save).
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed three crash-related issues that could occur due to race conditions.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed an incorrect condition evaluation order for the skills "Obsidian Armor" and "Emergency Repairs".
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed a bug that caused the Emergency Repairs skill to keep the Hull % restored value when the skill was reset.

Misc update

[h3]Version 1.038[/h3]
🎯 [UI] Warp plasma % bonuses are now shown in the character information screen. This statistic has also been added to the item filter.
🎯 [UI] An option to disable the white screen-flash has been added. This is located under the General section of the main menu options.
🎯 [UI] Recipe configs that currently provide a random outcome in terms of item grade are now better presented in the item preview slot.
🎯 [Balance] The Imperius T7 skill Drone Mastery III has been revised. It now works as follows: Time between summoning drones is reduced by {0}%. Drone resistances are increased by {1}% of the warp plasma bonus %. Warp plasma required to summon drones is increased by {2}%.
🎯 [Balance] The Ga, Co, Ra, Un and Ep Fragments now sets the level of the transmuted item to the same level as the player. In other words, you can not both up- and down-level items with these fragments.
🎯 [Balance] The final boss in Act 2 has been revised. In particular, the map is now larger.
🎯 [Balance] Cave entries and exits now spawn in a bit less confined spaces.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed an issue that could cause COOP clients to get stuck on loading screen when changing maps.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed the evaluation order of several high-level skills that previously failed to include % hull and % warp plasma buffs.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed a bug that could cause non-weapon-type mods on drone summoner items to be incorrectly re-rolled on Continuum Transmuter recipes.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed another cave-entrance-spawning-in-wall-edge-case.
🎯 [Bug fix] The map that contains the first Nienix fragment has been enlarged. Larger ships should thus no longer get out-of-bounds when going there.


[h3]Version 1.0371[/h3]
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed a crash bug in the Continuum Transmuter introduced by 1.037.

Bug fixes and balance changes

[h3]Version 1.037[/h3]
🎯 [Continuum Transmuter] The item preview is now only shown for known recipes.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed an issue that caused buffs from toggle-type Active Auxiliary items to stay active even when the warp plasma reached 0.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed an issue that could cause boost conditions to remain active when the engine was disarmed.
🎯 [Bug fix] The description fields for Drone Resistance Augments were incorrect - this has been fixed.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed an error with Wave Spawners that on rare occasion could cause an enemy to spawn behind a wall or door.
🎯 [Bug fix] Fixed an error that caused the transmute preview to be applied without a transmute being required for some recipes (this was introduced by 1.036).
🎯 [Balance] Some Continuum Events have been revised, e.g., with safe starting points added.