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New Hero Deep Dive: Cyrus Bravaris

Protectors of the Light,

A new loyal Hero has joined the ranks of the Rebellion. Introducing Cyrus Bravaris, The Rebel Arm – the first ranged Hero in Age of Darkness: Final Stand.


Cyrus was born into a noble family who served the Syren monarchy of old. Being the youngest of his family, he was driven to outperform his siblings and quickly gained recognition as a skilled marksman and tactician.

He was a key member of the Syren army during the Rebellion War, however, when the Syrens ultimately lost the conflict, his family’s land was seized. Instead of fleeing with them to start a new life, he returned to save Aelis from the enemy. For his bravery and loyalty, he was appointed as Queen Aelis’ sworn protector and commander of her standing rebel army.


Each Hero’s backstory directly influences their art, design intentions and playstyle. While rescuing Aelis, Cyrus’ leg was badly injured, leaving him with a permanent limp. This created an intriguing and unique choice when it came to how he holds himself, the way he moves and his functionality in-game. This also ties into his gameplay and feel, as you will notice each Hero has a slightly different skill cap level.

When Cyrus is standing or walking, you will notice that he leans on his bow to use as a mobility tool. When it’s time to destroy his enemies, he plants his bow on the ground to stabilise himself.

Cyrus is very powerful, however, he moves at a slightly slower pace in comparison to other Heroes. To compensate for this, Cyrus has a long attack range. As they say, slow and steady wins the race – or in this case, the battle against the Nightmares that plague Erodar.

Cyrus is a proud leader within the Rebellion army, as represented by liberal use of red and a faction crest adorning his chest. Unlike other characters, Cyrus wears gold paint and adornments to reflect his noble background, and uses cloth and leather armour to afford extra dexterity.
See concept art below:

[h3]CYRUS' SKILLS[/h3]

Cyrus has four Skills, all of which allow him to put out consistent damage from a safe distance. He is highly capable against swarms, which will be indispensable when the Veil rolls in and the Nightmares crawl out.

Splintering Shot:
Cyrus’ first Skill is a Passive Skill which gives his shots a chance to splinter, dealing damage in a cone-shaped area to Nightmares behind the main target.


Unlocking at Level Three, Cyrus’ Caltrops can be placed in a targeted area to cause serious destruction. Once placed, they will lay in wait for an unlucky Nightmare to stumble upon them, causing them to explode and inflicting Slow and damage in an area around them.


The second Skill, Snipe, unlocks at Level Four. A manually activated Skill, Snipe charges an arrow that fires a long distance and inflicts high damage to all the enemies it passes through.


Violent Volley:
Cyrus at Level Six will unlock his Ultimate Ability, Violent Volley. When Violent Volley is triggered, he will shoot arrows into air that will then rain down on the enemies, dealing damage in a circle where they land. Not only that, but for a short period after, Cyrus gains an increased chance to trigger Splintering Shot and Increased Attack Speed.


It’s time to hone your senses and restring your bows – the enemy will regret the day they crossed Cyrus’ path. Serve your Queen and take over the lands for Rebellion honour!

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