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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Update Details Ver. 1.07

■Additional Feature
・Added a function allowing players to carry over their Battle Flag and Marking Flag progress when returning to a previously completed battlefield.
Note: This option can be enabled or disabled via the Travel menu by choosing which battlefield to return to.
When enabled, some of the shortcuts such as doors and ladders will have been unlocked by default.

・Added diagrams to the Learn Wizardry Spells screen, Set Wizardry Spells screen, and “Five Phases Affinities” under Tutorial allowing players to better understand the affinity between each of the Five Phases.

・Added functions to the Online Lobby, Recruit, and Recruit Allies screens allowing players to part ways with companions.

・Added Five Virtues to the Tutorial screen in the Documents menu.

■Adjustments Deflect
・Made upwards adjustments to the shrinking of the Spirit Gauge’s lower limits and downward adjustments to the Spirit damage dealt upon successfully performing deflect.

・Revised the conditions for online matching and improved certain conditions that made it difficult to match.

・Improved action synchronization in environments with significant online delays.

■Major Bug Fixes
・Reduced the processing load in environments using CPUs with a large number of cores.

・Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the mouse cursor to appear while using the pad to perform UI operations, even though the mouse was not being moved.

・Fixed crash-prone situations that occurred in certain environments.

・Fixed a bug that allowed players to go outside the bounds of the current stage from certain locations in some stages.

・Fixed a bug allowing enemies to be hit with attacks through certain walls in some stages.

・Fixed a bug that would increase the amount of Spirit that could be obtained while in High Spirit.

・Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Fatal Strikes against Zhupolong to fail if performed from certain directions.

・Fixed a bug in which players granted the positive effect Lion’s Roar from the Wizardry Spell Lion’s Roar were rendered impervious to damage from Fatal Strikes.

・Fixed a bug causing the duration of positive and negative effects to decrease while the game was loading, including the period prior to boss fights.

・Fixed a bug in which the BGM for the second phase of the fight against the demonized Sun Jian would not play correctly.

・Fixed a bug in which some of the Shuigui would not respawn when restarting in the main battlefield “Darkness over the Hanshui River.”

・Fixed a bug that caused the Morale Ranks of minor enemies to be elevated to the equivalent of bosses in the sub battlefield “Massacre of Meiwu Fort” in “Path of the Rising Dragon.”

・Fixed a bug that caused the game to show an interface notifying that the player acquired arrows/projectiles when the special effect Ammo Replenish upon Fatal Strike was activated, even if they possessed the maximum number of projectiles.

・Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Baishe’s movements to cease during multiplayer sessions.

・Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the information above guest players’ heads to disappear from the host player’s screen during Recruit sessions.

・Fixed a bug that would cause the Titles Obtained rate in Battle Summary to be stuck at 99%, even though all Titles had been acquired.

・Fixed a bug in which damage values for ballista attacks were reflected in the damage values recorded in Battle Summary.
Note: After applying the update, the value for Highest Damage Dealt in Single Attack will be reset.

・Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the copyright to appear twice when taking pictures in Photograph mode.

・Fixed a bug that prevented equipment weight from being taken into account for jumping and landing action sounds.

・Fixed other minor bugs.