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Major Update - v0.33

[h2]Updates to v0.33[/h2]
  • Made it so if an object crashes into a Object that is attached to the Disassembly table it now releases it from the desk when it's physics are enabled.

  • Added a General Waste Bin that resides out the front of the Players House, you can add upto 30kg (30,000g) of Waste Material here which will be collected every Tuesday Morning, this also adds an addition Waste Collection Service fee of $74.95 which is delivered to your mailbox every Monday Morning.

  • Added an In-Game Radio which can play Music added by the User by clicking the 'Save File Directory' button, navigating to the 'Radio' Folder and placing .MP3 (only) files here. Note that if the game is running and the radio is active any changes to the folder will not be made until either the 'refresh_radio' command is entered or returning to the menu and going back in-game, which will allow the radio to re-load the files, if no custom files are detected the Default Non-Copyrighted Background Music will play.

  • The Radio can be purchased from the Hardware Store for the price of $49.95 - along with the Radio addition the old Background Music has been disabled, the Tracks have been added as the default tracks for the Radio, the 'Music' Slider in the Audio Settings now controls the volume of the Radio.

  • Reworked the Crucible interface to be more uniform with the theme.

  • Fixed the bug where the players speed would not go back up until you run when releasing the Trolley.

  • Added '[TAB]' Text to the Backpack Button showing that the it can be opened with the Tab Button.

  • Reworked the Ingot Carry Box to work off an ID Based System which will resolve the ingots floating Bug and will be far more performant both during Runtime and while Saving/Loading.

  • Fixed the the 'wobbly/alien' sounds being produced by Planes and other Moving Audio Sources.

  • Reworked the Mailbox system which now has it's own UI and will display Available Due Bills which can be accessed by Pressing [E] on the Mail Box.

  • Reworked the Raw Material Storage Buckets UI and Adjusted the Available weight from 30kg to 15kg for them to resemble a more realistic weight limit for the size of the bucket, Any Saved Materials will remain above the new limit if they had exceeded it, though no more can be added until below the new limit.

  • Implemented 'Coupons' into the Mailbox system which gives either a Discount on Purchases or Boost in Sales at the listed Shop for the Day which can also Stack with Perk Boosts.

  • Reworked and re-added the Settings on the Main Menu - Which now properly communicates between the Main Menu and Main Game Scene and settings will no longer be reverted and saved as default when returning to the main menu - Settings values are no longer saved the moment the value is changed, the values are only saved upon pressing the 'Save & Apply' Button, which eliminates the Default values being saved to file when initializing the settings.

  • Implemented a Crypto Mining feature to the PC which gives you the ability to Mine Crypto at the expense of power usage, your Crypto coin will be stored on your PC and can be withdrawn into Cash at anytime - You can also Deposit any spare cash.

  • Reworked the Interaction with objects while in Disassembly Mode, hovering select Interactable Objects such as the Radio, Light and Tools will now have UI to show controls related to that Object.

  • Added Some UI Text when Hovering External Application Buttons, such as the 'Help_Me' Page, Furnace Help Button, Pause Menu 'Links' Buttons etc, to warn that it opens an Application outside the Game.

  • Fixed select data not being updated before triggering the Auto Save.

  • Corrected some Typos in the Commands List.

  • Added an extra Decimal number to Cash Added/Removed values to represent a more accurate values being added/deducted, as well as showcasing the value in a more traditional style value of: $45.74 rather than rounding to $45.7 for example.

  • Re-worded the 'Content Creators Notice' to be more brief and to the point.

v0.32.4 Small Update

Update v0.32.4 Is Live!

[h2]Patch notes:[/h2]
  • Fixed the bug where Objects attached to the Disassembly Table when Loading in would often have their physics enabled which made them jitter around and or fall through the table when in Disassembly Mode.

  • Fixed the bug with Certain Final Objects of an E-Waste Object would Bug the Queue.

  • Fixed the Bug where removing an Empty Case and adding it back to the Disassembly Table would cause the Case Collider to not enable making it uncollectable.

  • Redesigned the Environment a little bit which removes the instant drop-offs and other unfinished looking parts, and added a small forest style to help fill in the wide open areas.

  • Added a 'Save File Directory' Button to the Main Menu and the In-Game Pause Menu for ease of accessing Scrapping Simulator Save File and Backups.

v0.32.3 Update

Update v0.32.3 Is Live!

[h2]Patch notes:[/h2]
  • Added an Auto-Save Feature that automatically saves your Data after Sleeping, which is enabled by default, though can be toggled off through the Gameplay Settings.

  • Fixed the bug with the Scrap Yard Payment was repeating each day along with Power Bills if you Receive and Pay the Bill on Monday and then Save before advancing to Tuesday and Return you would be presented a new bill.

  • Fixed the Bug where if a Component is clicked on a specific frame between Queued objects it would sometimes become bugged and not fully Disassemble, by restructuring the method that determines whether or not to Immediately Disassemble the Component, or Send it off to the Queue, or Send it to the Tool Handler.

  • Fixed the bug with Energy getting out of sync by completely reworking the energy system, it now runs of a direct percentage of the current playable time (7am -11:30pm = 1670 Seconds/27.8 Minutes) - The energy is now dictated by a percentage value between the Current Playable Time and Time Passed in Day rather than 1 Game Minute reducing 1 Unit of Energy which had proven unreliable and tricky to sync back up.

  • Along with the above Energy Rework the Values have been tweaked a little in regards to tiredness - Energy Bar now remains Green for 85% (from 7am to 8:50pm), then Yellow from 15-7.5%(8:50pm to 10:10pm), then Red from 7.5-3%(10:10pm to 10:50pm) and Flashing Red from 3-0%(10:50pm to 11:30pm) - You can now also sleep when the Energy Bar turns Yellow rather than Red.

  • Fixed the bug where if you got kicked out of Disassembly mode by being overly tired it could lockup the Disassembly or Tool Script if the player was in the middle of removing a part - It now starts a loop and constantly checks to see until the player is idle and can safely stop.

  • Removed the 'I should stop walking before releasing the Trolley' Text from the Trolley, it will now remain blank while moving to stop the flicker of On/Off text due to the Slight Head bob while walking.

  • Changed the Hardware Store Open time from 8am to 7am, and the Close time from 7pm to 5pm to resemble more realistic Australian Hardware Store operating hours and to create a little bit of Diversity between the shop Operating Hours.

  • Fixed the SSD Memory Chip animations.

  • Called the 'ReplaceAllObjects' to fix any Bugged objects from the prior Updates.

Hot Fix v0.32.2

Hot Fix v0.32.2 is now available.

This is just a small patch to fix a few bugs contained within v0.32.1

[h2]Patch Notes:[/h2]
  • Fixed the bug where Objects were freezing mid-air while Carrying.

  • Fixed the Disk Spinner Collider Size on the DVD Drive Sub E-Waste Part.

  • Added a temporary fix for the bug when a Component becomes Stuck, you can now pickup and drop the object back onto the Disassembly Desk and it will be removed allowing you to continue scrapping.

  • Fixed being able to exit disassembly mode with queued object(s) or when the Tool is Moving toward a Component by pressing Escape.

  • Fixed the Saved Trolley Rotation not correctly being applied when Loading in.

  • Fixed the Scrap Yard UI stacking the Ingots onto the first slot.

  • Fixed Time/Energy becoming bugged after sleeping.

v0.32.1 Update

Update v0.32.1 Is Live!

I apologize for the delay on this Update, though I am sure many will be happy with the new changes :)

If you would like to keep up to date on Updates, Sneak Peeks, potential Delays etc, feel free to join our Discord

[h2]Patch notes:[/h2]
  • Completely Reworked the Tool Handling System, which each tool now actively follows the cursor and then moves to the part being disassembled to remove the part, which also allows the player to see which tool they are using at any zoom level without filling screen space with more UI.

  • Reworked the way the Ingot Box Interacts with the Scrap Yard Sale Box it now moves the Box to a safe Dropping Location before emptying out the Ingots lowering the chance of Ingots becoming bugged, also added an Effect to show the Ingots are being accepted rather than just vanishing.

  • Fixed when going Back from the 'What is this Place?' dialog the Sell Ingots selection would be hidden when talking to the Scrap Yard Owner.

  • Added a 'Press [V]' UI Toggle while Interacting with the trolley to provide Info in regards to the Trolley Movement ect.

  • Restructured a lot of the Inner Components to accommodate the new Tool Handler System.

  • Fixed most of the Item Queue FX being offset.

  • Overhauled the Interact Script that handles Disassembly of Objects which should be far more optimised than before.

  • Added 2 more IC Chips (Medium, Small) and 1 Crystal Oscillator (Tiny) Variants, to more suit smaller Sub E-Waste Parts.

  • Reduced the HDD Platters and Readers from 6 to 4 to make the HDD Sub E-Waste Part less tedious.

  • Changed the Screw Collider from Sphere Colliders to Box Colliders and made them larger making them easier to click.

  • Increased the Small Capacitor Collider Size making them easier to click.

  • Made it so the RAM PCB Collider remains active while disassembling to avoid clicking though the PCB to Chips on the other side.

  • Removed the Progress Bar while disassembling as the Tool Movement and the Time Indicated when Hovering the Object should provide enough information.

  • Fixed the Bug with Ingots Duplicating on the Ingot Storage Rack when Saving the Rack with Ingots, then Removing them and Saving it Empty.

  • Fixed the Bug where the Scrap Yard Ingot List would not Update correctly when Selling/Removing Ingots Individually by removing the Auto Update to the List.

  • Fixed being able to remove the PC Mobo Before the RAM Sticks have been removed.

  • Fixed the bug were the Ingot Shelf Currently Owned amount was not being updated correctly after loading back in.

  • Made it so the Hazardous Material Bucket cannot be purchased before buying the Treated Wooden Table.

  • Added a dynamic speed reduction while using the Trolley, while the Trolley is empty you will be able to travel at full speed, though as you add items the weight of those items will reduce the speed at which you can travel using the Trolley, down to a minimum of half speed.

  • Added the ability for objects that are being picked up to enable the Physics of Objects it crashes into, which should help with it being difficult removing objects from the Parts box or under another object.

  • Made it so Queued Disassembly Item Weights are taken into account, so that the Max Carry weight is not overshot by objects that were queued.

  • Added the Trolley to the Intrusion Checker when Purchasing Buyable Upgrades.

  • Redesigned the Crystal Oscillator Models to fix FX offsets.

  • Restructured the Input System to not allow any form of Controller like device to send input to the Player Character.

  • Fixed being able to remove the Inner Screws before Removing the Lid on the HDD.

  • Fixed the Gold Corner BGA Chip (Primarily in the DVD Drive Sub Part) not playing it's animation on disassembly.

  • Added the ability to Invert the Horizontal and Vertical Input of the Mouse in the Gameplay Settings Tab.

  • Reverted to a default weather profile until the constant Thunder Storm bug in the Australian weather profile is fixed and stable.

  • Fixed the bug where the Date would show '2022' instead of '2007' for the first day.