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Alpha and Stable Version Patch Notes -

[Important] This update is implemented only in the testing version (Alpha) of our game and will not be synchronized to stable release version (steam default one) until it is stable enough.
If you want to experience new contents in advance, you can manually switch the game to Alpha version as describe below.

Hey everyone,
Here's a small patch we released today. The content is as follow:
  • Added new language support - Korean.
  • Added the announcement panel for the Town Showcase Activity.
  • Fixed the issue that NewGameSet folder cannot be copied by Mods.

Guides of switching to Alpha version:
  1. Switching Method
    Right-click Survival Settlement in the Steam LIBRARY, select Properties - BETAS, and choose the game version you want to participate. No need to fill in any code and the game will switch to the version of your choice after closing the window. (In some cases the game may need update and Steam restart.)
  2. Game Saves Compatibility
    In cases of major content changes or new contents, game save file in Alpha and stable version may not be compatible.
    We will try to avoid this situation as much as possible and will post a notice about save file usage in advance if necessary.
  3. Warning
    In Alpha version, you may come across more bugs or crashes. No need to panic. Just contact us through the following ways.

Contact us: Discord - Join our community Discord Steam community - Join Steam community