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Version 0.6.05 Update

[h2]Patch Notes[/h2]
  • Added functionality to detect corrupt save data. Previously the game would crash at the main menu if corrupt save data was present - now it will be listed as corrupt data and can be safely deleted from the save game menu.

[h3]Bug Fixes:[/h3]
  • Fixed a bug when the player was resting in unsafe beds, and a bandits would spawn, but not actually do anything.
  • Fixed a number of animations not loading properly, causing certain characters to have no animations.


And as always, please post any issues you come across or feedback you may have in the Discussion Forums.

This dreamlike indie RPG is a dense, perfectly refined bite of Elder Scrolls

Dread Delusion vexes me. It's maybe the perfect game for me, one I really want to keep digging into, but like Gloomwood before it, Dread Delusion might be too good to play unfinished. I've come to the conclusion I can't keep playing it in early access. You play it now if you haven't, precisely once, but then you gotta wait...
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Version 0.6.04 Update

[h2]Patch Notes[/h2]
  • Saved player quest data now refreshes itself from the database whenever a game loads. This should fix any player questlines that were previously bugged - e.g. if players had Charmed the Emberian before version 0.6.02 and couldn't buy the key.
  • Added a permanent small crosshair to help players feeling motion sickness. In future updates this may be toggle-able in options, rather than always-on.
  • Added a new 'Quick Start' slot when starting the game. If there is no data in a slot, players can now choose to 'Quick Start' a save - that will bypass the tutorial and give players some basic items. This mode will only be available during Early Access.
  • The Weapon Shop in Hallow Town will now restock Iron Ore and Fine Ore in single amounts, giving players a renewable source of ore (this may change later in development, as more finite sources of ore are added to the game).
  • Tweaked shop restock code to prevent items appearing in multiple stacks. Shops will now also restock immediately when a new game is started, instead of after the first day has passed (this was causing certain stock to only appear on day 2).
  • Improved dialogue animations for The Emberian, triggering her to move during dialogue.
  • Some general performance tweaks that should improve framerates.
  • Player must now have started the Emberian quest to ask the Wobbly Noggin barkeep about her.
  • Returning to the Main Menu now clears the Notification queue, preventing a backlog of notes.
  • Adjusted the rope bridge leading to the Wobbly Noggin, where players could get stuck.

[h3]Bug Fixes:[/h3]
  • Possibly fixed a bug that prevented the home spell from being usable on certain players' computers
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Endless Queen's throne from appearing, along with other assets in the Castle of Ribs.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the player from passing the Charm test for the Emporium of Oddities shopkeep.
  • Fixed a bug causing an early tutorial NPC to T-pose.
  • Fixed a bug that would temporarily prevent players from casting spells if they tried to cast while drinking a potion.
  • Fixed a bug with the Golden Typhos quest, where the player couldn't give the artifact to the merchant.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from dying, getting them stuck in a near-death state.
  • Fixed a bug with the Player House system that was causing Thornwood Manor to load incorrectly on new saves.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Vierme in Thornwood Manor from speaking to the player.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing multiple Crystal Save Points to be 'active' at once.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Jack Basalt in the Wobbly Noggin to only appear after the player had rested in a bed.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the Emberian from disappearing from the ruins after she had been recruited.
  • Fixed descriptions that previously indicated that Rustburg was south-west, not south-east.
  • Fixed a small bug with the alchemy system that would cause some errors behind the scenes.
  • Fixed some bad clipping where players could get stuck in Vela's Fortress, The Blinding Light.
  • Fixed an Inquisition Banner that would not move along with the Inquisition Ship it was attached to.


And as always, please post any issues you come across or feedback you may have in the Discussion Forums.

Version 0.6.02 Update

[h2]Patch Notes[/h2]
  • The Console (accessible with the tilde key `) can now show critical error messages. These are very useful for bug-fixing.
[h3]Bug Fixes:[/h3]
  • Fixed an issue that was causing old saves to sometimes boot with errors, causing low framerates and blank item sprites.
  • Fixed an issue with The Emberian questline, where if you 'Charmed' the Emberian for more info, you wouldn't be able to buy the required key from the Emporium of Oddities.
  • Fixed the Charm challenge with the Rustburg hermit, which would previously always fail.
  • Fixed the final stage of The Quartermaster quest not being marked as 'completed'.


And as always, please post any issues you come across or feedback you may have in the Discussion Forums.

The "Emberian" Update!


It's been a while, but the enslaved skeletons that do our bidding have finally produced the next Dread Delusion update. This time, there's a meaty questline to dig your filthy teeth into, a brand new dungeon - and a number of improvements to the combat system.

[h3]JACK BASALT[/h3]
Until now, the hunt for Vela Calose has led to a dead end - as Dread Delusion's main storyline has been absent beyond the starting island.

But with this update, a suspicious figure has appeared in the Wobbly Noggin tavern. His name is Jack Basalt, one of Vela's Dark Star mercenaries; and he's the first of many that you're going to have to track down to find Vela herself.

But finding the next Dark Star will prove tougher than walking into a pub. Folk call her the Emberian, on account of her ancient armour and implausibly large greatsword.

To recruit her to your cause, you'll need to do some detective work - and you'll eventually find yourself fighting through the narrow streets of the brand new dungeon-town of Rustburg, where the brigands and lowlives will be more than happy to slit your throat and steal your purse...
    New main story quest: The Emberian Two new islands added to Hallowshire...
    ...including the dungeon-town of Rustburg, the toughest challenge yet!

Remember the fortress where you first met Vela? That's the Dark Star flagship, the Blinding Light - and it's going to serve a big role in the main story.

So we've revamped its interior a little, and added a new Player Housing section at the top. You'll get access to these upgradeable rooms as soon as you beat the tutorial.
    [h3] The Blinding Light's tower can now be upgraded
    Revamped interior with graphical enhancements
    Acts as a main quest hub, with key characters returning here[/h3]

We've also spruced up Dread Delusion's combat system with the help of seasoned gamedev Kira - whose games Lost in Vivo and Lunacid you may very well have heard of.

Combat animations have been greatly improved, with both player weapons and the camera now reacting dynamically to player input. There are also new throwing weapons that can be used like an item.

Our new programmer Fotocopiadora (who worked on the beautiful title, First Land) has also made huge improvements to the AI system, to massively improve the stability of enemy code.
    [h3] New weapon and camera animations to improve combat feel
    New weapon impact effects
    New throwing weapons: knives and shurikens, with poison variants
    Much more robust AI code[/h3]

We've also made some tweaks to the stamina system, to further balance combat. In particular, this should make parrying much easier.
    [h3] Stamina regenerates much quicker
    It is now possible to block and parry with low stamina
    No parry delay after button press, making parries easier to time
    Stamina bar will flash red when stamina is too low[/h3]
That's it for now! We hope you enjoy the new additions - as always, we're eager to hear your feedback. You can find more extensive patch notes below: [hr][/hr]
[h2]Patch Notes[/h2]
  • New Quest: The Emberian, in which the player hunts down Vela's old comrade; a mysterious woman clad in Emberian armour.
  • New Quest: The Quartermaster, in which the player finds & recruits the Dark Star mercenary Jack Basalt.
  • New dungeon-town: Rustburg, a ruined village full of ruffians and outlaws. This level grants new challenges & rewards, and is part of the new quest chains.
  • Improved Vela's Fortress: 'The Blinding Light'. It now has a more detailed interior and a ship docked within. There's also upgradeable rooms, similar to player housing, in The Blinding Light.
  • New Weapon Type: Throwing Weapons - These new weapons come in the form of shurikens and throwing knives, and their lethality can be increased through the use of alchemy
  • Audio Compression Overhaul – gave all audio a crispy lo-fi rework with the same techniques used in actual PSX games. (This should also noticeably improve load times due to smaller file size)
  • Visual Feedback: Combat - Weapon impact effects, alternate weapon animations, and camera feedback via weapon use and movement has been added (Note: The camera movement can be adjusted or disabled completely in the options menu.)

  • New islands have been added to Hallowshire.
  • Changed the Wikkan totem poles to look more like the Death God's Scrongus Poles. These indicate an illusion that can be dispelled with a truth potion.
  • Added a ranged 'Impaler' enemy to the Endless Kingdom.
  • Added a new secret portal in the Endless region, that links back to Hallowshire.
  • Added new faction banners to certain places around the world.
  • Changed item names & descriptions for certain tiers of player clothing.
  • New pixel art images for certain tiers of player clothing.
  • Added new spell particles
  • Changed the rate of stamina regeneration while the player has weapons out.
  • Ending the famine in the Hallow region now causes the fruit trees to grow fruit (yummy).
  • Added throwing weapons as pickups across the world.
  • Environmental improvements to the farmlands and swamps in the Hallow region.
  • Locked doors can now have multiple solutions (e.g. you can pick the lock or charm a guard)
  • Environmental improvements across the Endless region
  • Massive overhaul of codebase for dialogue system
  • Massive overhaul of codebase for NPC AI
  • Improved enemy stealth mechanics - enemies will now 'forget' about players after losing sight of them for 5 seconds.
  • Added constraints to allow binding cancelling with the UI Cancel action fixing an issue causing players without a controller to get stuck in the rebinding prompt.
  • Added collision to objects (Vases, Wobbly Noggin Room Furniture, Crafting Bench Side Table, etc.)

[h3]Bug Fixes:[/h3]
  • Fixed dialogue issues such as typos and dialogue graph flow issues
  • Fixed rebinding issue where prompt was not displaying properly
  • Fixed a mistake with how the UI rebinding works now it accounts for the current control source
  • Extended rebind prompt scripts to include a text object to display a cancel prompt in rebinding
  • Fixed an issue causing item descriptions not to update via controller in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where players would slide off the plank of the Golden Typhos by extending the player parent script
  • Disabled an invisible wall where the player first sees Vela
  • Extended the Endless quake script to disable earthquakes only if the player convinces the entombed one to stop
  • Fixed a bug with the attack stat not producing the correct value
  • Fixed Z-Fighting issues on several Props
  • Added Player parenting volumes for the flesh farm roof
  • Fixed prop placement issues with clipping and floating props
  • Fixed bug causing guards to walk away mid conversation

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