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Ролевой экшен Lies of P привлек 7 миллионов игроков за полгода - игра сразу вышла в Game Pass

Lies of P, соулс-подобная экшен-RPG по мотивам "Приключений Пиноккио", продолжает привлекать множество игроков на всех платформах.

Глава FromSoftware Хидэтака Миядзаки не обеспокоен обилием соулслайков на рынке — японцам конкуренты не мешают

За последние годы игровые студии выпустили немало брутальных экшенов, вдохновленных Dark Souls и Bloodborne, вроде Lords of the Fallen (наш обзор) и Lies of P (наш обзор) игроки привыкли называть их соулслайками. Обилие подобных проектов, подражающих культовым творениям студии FromSoftware, как оказалось, вовсе не беспокоит создателя "Темных душ" Хидэтаку Миядзаки.

Stellar soulslike Lies of P drops Denuvo, and it's on sale right now

There were some fantastic soulslike games on PC in 2023, from direct contenders such as Lords of the Fallen and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to those adopting Dark Souls ideas in different formats like Blasphemous 2 and Remnant 2. But of those more traditional offerings, the real winner was Lies of P, which rose above its 'we have Bloodborne at home' comparisons to stand out as one of the year's most pleasing surprises. Now, developer Neowiz has removed its Denuvo anti-tamper DRM in its latest update, and is offering the game cheap in a Steam sale, if you're quick about it.

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Two of the best soulslikes are about to crossover

Lies of P sequel confirmed as we get our first look at the DLC

Lies of P smashes one million sales in less than a month

Lies of P лишилась защиты Denuvo — в игре начался кроссовер с Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Студия Neowiz выпустила обновление Lies of P под номером Патч вводит в игру предметы, связанные с кроссовером Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, а также убирает антипиратскую защиту Denuvo в компьютерной версии.

Update Notes Version

Hello citizens of Krat,
This is the Lies of P Team.

The Feburary 13th update has been released.

Please refer below for further details on the update.

New Features and Content
After installing the latest update, the following items can be found in the 'Equipment' and 'Bag' menus.
- Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive
- Armor of the Honorable
- Bandana of the Honorable

- Improved the Japanese translation.
- Players can now reset P-Organ upon new game without paying Gold Coin Fruit.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where the attack speed increase effect of the 'Frozen Feast' would not apply under certain situations.
- Fixed a bug in which using the 'Proof of Humanity' would cause intermittent malfunctions in switching weapons.
-Fixed a bug in which using the 'Proof of Humanity' Special Attack would cause the attribute effects from Grinders to be ineffective.
-Fixed a bug where 'Nameless Puppet' would intermittently disappear.
-Fixed a bug where unintended changes would happen while using the 'Alter Handle' menu.
-Fixed a bug where a certain elevator and lever in 'Arche Abbey' would intermittently spawn in unintended areas.
-Fixed a bug where players could fall into an impassable area.
-Fixed bugs related to certain in-game UI.
-Fixed typos in certain dialogues.