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Update 0.7.25

Hello subROVers! We've just updated the game to v0.7.25 😁

This update focuses on collision sounds: we've added collision and scrape sounds to the buoy and the ROV (with individual sounds for the body and arm), and while we were at it we've also added sounds for the ROV entering and exiting the water.
Finally, we've aged the docking platform as now it's obvious that the ROV scrapes against it when docking.


Our approach when adding these new sounds has been cautious; in most cases, you will hear them only if you pay attention (but you will hear them if you are reckless: see exhibit A).
The arm in particular is fairly quiet; you'll hear collision sounds if you ram, say, the experiments platform, but most small interactions and touches will be silent (which we can reason by saying that the arm is decoupled from the body, so by default you shouldn't hear it).
Over time, our goal is to keep refining the system to give as much feedback as possible while avoiding annoying retriggers.

Here's the full log:

New Features/Improvements:
  • Dives: (feedback) New collision/scrape sounds
  • Dives: Added enter/exit water sounds to the ROV
  • Dives: Added wear and tear to the ROV docking platform
Bug Fixes:
  • Dives: Tuna makes instantaneous turns (sorry, tuna! 😅)

[h3]Get In Touch[/h3]

Updates will slow down a bit in the next week or so for obvious reasons, but we'll be active if you need any help. Here's a list of the many ways in which you can reach us:
  • From the game -press F8
  • Through the forum right here on Steam
  • Through our Discord Server,
  • Through Twitter,
  • By email (info 'at' sqr3lab.com)

[h3]Support subROV[/h3]

If you enjoy subROV and would like to support us, please consider leaving us a review. Steam is a big ocean, and reviews really help us stay afloat!

This said, it's time to wish you


Wherever you are, stay safe, stay warm, and have a whale of a time!

Happy subROVing! 😀