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Update 0.7.28 (Beta)

Hello subROVers!

This Beta update adds a new tool, the Gas/Liquid Sampler, which allows you to sample Gas Seeps (also new to the game), storing the samples in independent bottles.

The all-new gas sampler, docked on the Experiments Platform

The Sampler is a modular tool that consists of several identical units (three, in the current configuration), connected to a common funnel.Each unit consists of a bottle connected to a valve system, which is operated with a handle that rotates into three positions: closed (handle’s arrow points up or down), open (arrow points right), or purge (arrow points left). To sample a gas seep, you rest the sampler directly on it, and open any of its valves. A blue light blinks while it's filling up, and turns green when it finishes. The same light turns red if you happen to sample a second source with the same bottle, indicating an invalid mix, which should be discarded. To empty any of the bottles, you set the valve to "purge".

Opening the valve. It is not necessary to fit the grip with such precision, but i does fit

Currently, the Gas sampler can be found on the South-East vent site at the Rise of the Vents dive, though we'll gradually incorporate it to more dives, where you'll use it to sample gas seeps, gas leaks from pipes, and fuel/oil leaks.

After adding the Sampler to the game, we've made several fixes and improvements to the arm and grip, and devised an automatic system that keeps tools in place while they are being transported on the Platform (in real life they would be secured beforehand); we've also improved handling of the Platform itself so it is less prone to "breaking through" the arm's grip while held, if the ROV moves or turns around fast. This will become increasingly important as we add new tools and objectives that require transporting them to different sites, or if we eventually allow deploying and retrieving the platform itself from the ship.

In-editor capture transporting the Platform, loaded with tools

This update touches some of the most finicky systems in the game, so we'll keep it in the Beta branch for a few days while paying extra attention to your feedback. The plan is to keep testing it while we add a few low-risk tweaks and assets in preparation for v0.7.3, which we'll then roll to the main branch.

Update: The latest version of the manual is now online, with a new section on taking gas samples (p.32).

Happy subROVing! 😁