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Patch 0.7.29 (Beta)

Hello subROVers!

We've received feedback (thank you, TheNorseman!) that the gas sampler's handle was breaking off the arm's grip when transported, so we've issued this patch to fix it. In brief, once you close the grip and start transporting the sampler, it should now stay in place unless you ram it against the floor (in which case it does make sense that it breaks off).

Aside from this fix, we've also made a few other improvements, as planned:
  • There's a new option to disable the "camera wobble" while playing. This comes after a request from someone who wrote it was triggering their motion sickness. When this option is active, the main camera won't move, and its field of view will also be slightly bigger to cover all the panels at once.
  • The sand in the corer is a bit darker now. This is also after feedback that it was difficult to see.
  • The marine snow (particles surrounding the ROV) is much denser now. Again this comes after feedback that sometimes it was not dense enough to give a good sense of movement.
  • We've tweaked the ROV's main light: if you're close to something you'll see more of it's "natural color", and as you move away from it it will shift to blue, as the light gets affected by the water in between.

The two last items will probably need some tweaking (the snow might be too dense now). We'll appreciate it if you could test them and let us know what you think either here, on in Discord.

If nothing changes (🤞), the plan is to spend the next couple days testing this build and possibly adding a new creature, then roll out .30 to everyone during the weekend.

Happy subROVing! 😁