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Real Tyrannosaurus rex vocalisations from INSTINCTION®.


Prepare to be transported to a bygone era with INSTINCTION® as we present the real vocalisations of the mighty Tyrant Lizard King, Tyrannosaurus rex.

From Research to Reality: Inspired by the research of Dr. Julia Clark (University of Texas) on Tyrannosaurus vocalisations, we’ve sent our audio man deep within the Rift to capture some real T-Rex sounds.

Put on those headphones and be transported to the domain of the Tyrant Lizard King.

The beast responsible for these chilling sounds is based on the colossal specimen RSM P2523.8, Scotty! Our rendition has been meticulously crafted and will be sure to pose a formidable threat to both player and prey alike.

And we're not done yet! We have more exciting footage to share soon, including video capture of the T-Rex straight from the Rift itself!

We’ve been hard at work and a first look at gameplay will be coming your way! We’ll also be gearing up for our first rounds of playtesting soon. So stay tuned for the latest updates!

More images can be found on our X Thread - https://twitter.com/InstinctionGame/status/1719539073139032455

Wishlist INSTINCTION on Steam to soon be a key part of building the best dinosaur game ever, we value your feedback!

A lot more reveals just around the corner.
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Join Izzy on her journey through the Rift, a lost world formed by the Chicxulub Impactor, not found on any map. A place where prehistoric beasts rule the land. Run, fight, and search for answers as you uncover the mysteries behind the Rift and the people who call it home.

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