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CTE Update #7

CTE Update #7

We are getting a lot closer to a full 1032 release, but have a few more things to take care of.

We think we took care of most of the customization issues, though it is possible some still exist. It's a deceptively complex system to debug given how many way things can be used.

There are also still some audio issues on a few maps. Those will hopefully be ironed out very soon.

Main Items:
Continuing to add more missing icons to the UI
New dialog in customization letting you know if you do not have ammo equiped for one of your firearms
New 'Out of Ammo' icon when reloading (Temp icon)
Fixed issues with equiping different sights and removing others
Fixed binocular sensitivity being ignored
Overall customization replication should be more reliable

Build ID : 7985502

Build ID : 7985523

Detailed Changes:

* remade Rundown TH mission (was still old bugged mission it turned out)
* new suppressor, underbarrel attachment icons, light and laser attachments icons
* fixed a few icon file names
* fixed default JPC platform setup.
* updated WBP_DiaglogueBox_TextInput to use a rich text bock for its message
* allows multiiple lines among other things.
* updated WBP_ItemEditor to use a copy of the character from WBP_CharacterEditor, minus items of the type being edited
* ensures that the character ref used by the character editor is unaffected by any shenanigans pulled by the item editor / modular pouches etc.
* updated BP_XXX_DragDropOperation, BP_ModularAmmoPouch_Master and other affected Blueprints.
* NOTE: It is important to do this to avoid using the *wrong* character as the GBInstigator for items in the item editor.
* easy to dispose of entire bad character.
* changed item build name to empty if not already editing a build.
* updated dialogue to include suggest random item build name.
* added edit button to item and item build buttons
* allows you to go directly to editing the item / item build instead of having to select it first.
* updated BP_GameState to not create a death over if player is in inactive state / not alive.
* prevents death overlay conflicting with character editor
* updated WBP_CustomOperator to create a death overlay if coming from character editor into dead body.
* prevents not being able to repsawn once coming out of character editor into a dead body.
* updated initial logic in ValidateDecodedItem() for GBFirearm, GBClothing & GBPlatform to all be the same.
* Since items being edited can have a valid GBInstigator while not being attached or part of a characters inventory,
changed UICharacter check to simply GetAttachParentActor() == GBInstigator.
* Also ensure that item is the first and only version in the inventory.
* updated BP_CharacterEditor_Character
* made all added inventory not replicate
* changed bUseRefPoseOnInitAnim to false by default.
* create ABP_CharacterEditor::CopyPoseFrom() that will copy pose from another anim instance and blend from it to the current animation.
* cleaned up logic in AGBPlayerCameraManage::UpdateFirstPersonView()
* fixes binoculars sensitivity being ignored.
* updated RailAttachmentReplication replication method to use the PushModel.
* will only be replicated when manually setup by using the MARK_PROPERTY_DIRTY_FROM_NAME() macro.
* removed bCorrectlyAttached logic from AGBRaileAttachment & AGBMuzzleDevice
* seems DetachFromComponent() call may remove items root comp from parents replicated attched children array.
This may/may not be why some rail attachments end up in wrong location.
* hooked back up rail check to BP_Attachment_DragDropOperation
* moved its location AFTER checks related to lasers/flashlight dupes.
* fixed typo in voting messages
* fixed up hover/unhover stuff for cog and bin on item preset buttons
* cleaned up build name examples
* cleaned up and moved CLEAR ALL button in Item Editor
* tweaked "Do not show again" prompt text
* tweaked Delete Build button (bin icon) behavior
* Fixed arm mask masking out to much on some rolled sleeve shirts
* Re-oriented the 308 round model to new weapon axis
* Fixed incorrect rotation and placement on all MP5 furniture.
* Brightened skylight a bit on PowerStation and Tanker to help with the overly dark shadowed areas
* updated BP_DialogueBox to add change message to rich text box.
* created TextArrayToMultiline macro in BPML_Object
* updated WBP_CharacterEditor to display a message when one or more firearms lacks ammo.
* updated WBP_AmmoCheckIndicator to optional show text and indiction.
* added no ammo message via WBP_AmmoCheckIndicator when reload stops due to not finding more ammo.
* created phsycs assets for MK110 & MK110K1
* updated GBDroppedItem to ensure physics assets is set.
* Mesh copying process does not copy over physics assets.
* Run Down: new spatial volume layout that should result in a bit better performance
* stutter is still to be expected, especially when firing during leaving and entering the main building - we narrowed down the issue to a bug on Wwise' end that should be fixed when we update the API (soonish)
* fixed MP5A4 using the A5's icon