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CTE Update #9

CTE Update #9

The changelists are getting smaller as the outstanding issues get resolved. We have a few known issues to be aware of though.

Known Issues:

- People's kits will break if they were using custom platforms
- Some network latency (Rubberbanding) may show up with high network traffic (high ping and/or lots of players/AI firing at once)
- Still a few sound issues during gameplay to iron out
- kit restrictions have had a pass but may not work 100% at this time

Main Items:

- Breaching Charge placement on doors fixed
- Should no longer be able to hear other players in opposing Ready Room
- Stance indicator in HUD is now on by default (Can turn off in Settings)
- Voting/Map Change kicking players fixed
- Work on Kit Restriction functionality for online play

Build ID : 8008453

Build ID : 8008467

Detailed Changes:
* Removed some badging on a couple vehicles
* revised the new map voting restrictions to avoid using admin commands (causing disconnection of non admins starting votes)
* took out a load of logging from various game mode scripts
* Changed default behavior for bShowStanceCrouched and bShowStanceStanding to True
* Easy way to help new players have an idea how the weapon posture/stance stuff works.
* Fixed small collision issue with tarp on Power Station roof
* Changed spatial volumes priority in Ready Room to 20 to make sure it's always highest - should help with hearing the other team from customization room.
* Fix for black ceilings in and wall LOD incompound
* adjusted BP_Door_Swinging so that breach charges should work better - now uses sockets in door meshes with a backup
system if no sockets found
* updated and improved breach charge placement - now uses socket rotation to determine correct side of door for charge
(is much more robust)
* added additional phys geo to G33 magnifier to make sure it blocks offset rails that would otherwise clip with it in the
down position.
* updated WBP_StanceIndicator to update logic related to high/low ready when also engaged.
* Cleaned up balaclava head mask as some areas of the face were masked out that shouldn't have been
* Added icon for map tablet
* updated BP_Firearm_Master
* removed param from ChangeReloadHint() and renamed it to just ShowReloadHint().
* updated ShowReloadHint() show alternate reload hints based on ammo compoent, chambered round type etc.
e.g. if mag with ammo is in firearm, but there is no chambered round, it will prompt user to tap reload to wrack the bolt.
* updated shotguns to not have separate UseMainHand anymore.
* slightly tweaked GBCharAnimAction to try to fix issues with getting locked into manually pumping the SDASS
* moved some logic from GBKitFunctionLibrary to GBAssetManager.
* updated GBAssetManager
* updated GetValidSkinNames() and RestrictedAsset() to add AssetTypeName param.
* renamed GetValidSkins( ) to GetValidSkinDataAssets() and added AssetTypeName param.
Skins are stored based on the asset type they are associated with as they do not have a primary asset id.
* created RestrictedPrimaryAsset() for use with assets that do have a primary asset id, to save using RestrictedAsset() with AssetTypeName set to None.
* updated GBGameState to support changing UseTeamRestrictions game rule mid-game.
* no longer have to restart the map etc.
* updated BP_Platform_XXX
* fixed socket names on meshes.
* updated default setup to make sure correct names were being used.
* should fix misc floating pouches, overlapping pouches etc.
* updated default team kits & restrictions
* Blue team can use Black, Blue & Navy.
* Red team can use Tan, Khaki & CoyoteBrown.
* updated WBP_ServerBrowser to make the password text box use the "password" setting to hide the password being typed in.
* removed unused WBP_Friend