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CTE #10

CTE # 10

Only a couple big items left to fix. Should be counting days until final 1032 release and not weeks now.

Big thing for this build is we updated Wwise (Sound engine) to take care of some bugs. Hopefully most, if not all the big sound problems we have had in the CTE builds are now gone or severely minimized.

Known Issue:
- kit restrictions are a work in progress and likely to be bugged, especially if you change them mid-game

Build ID : 8029971

Build ID : 8029976


- clean-up audio work on Storage Facility and Run Down
- breach charge attachment points added to Rig bulkhead doors
- small adjustments to G3 sights that help with initial aiming when first ADS
- wwise updated to latest version
- lots of small things under the hood to improve stability and reduce log spam
- new character head icons
- tablet screen brightness tweaked
- updated extraction point icon
- visual overhaul of team elements (~squads) icons and colours
- new mission variants: Compound (Close Spawns) for Intel Retrieval; Compound (Compound Only) and 747 (Plane Only) for Terrorist Hunt
- fixes to items culling out too fast in City
- fixed issue with G33 Magnifier flipping back to 'in use' position based on LOD
- changed opening direction of 2 doors in Compound that were opening into other larger ones
- optimization to player and firearm attachments by setting bUseAttachParentBound to true where appropriate
- Mk46 reload animations fixed up
- item equip/unequip animations patched up (is a WIP)
- fix for floating item setup view
- player blips and clickable target positions removed from training map ops board
- time of day input widget now much more flexible with regard to input times, e.g. 17 is taken to be 1700
- admin button should only appear for admins on DS and for listen server hosts
- re-generated soundbanks with new version of Wwise
- increased occlusion effect on VoIP, voice lines and footsteps
- OnDuty field on server roster now works, will cull text if too many admins for space
- tweaked name plates (RR and Spectator) to work better with new team element icons
- changed materials on RR roster boards to bring colours under control
- fixed light intersecting trigger guard on M17 pistol
- various fixes in general to lighten player and firearm materials
- also turned off extra PPVolume in Compound and reduced contrast
- added in an AmbientCubeMap to Compound PP to help with dark metallic surfaces (weapons) in areas without direct light (WIP, day only)
- added GroundBranch/Props/GameMode to cook list (extraction points were being missed out of builds and not loading in IR missions)
- added camo directional masks for ACU and ACU rolled shirts
- adjusted brightness of various pants and shirts greyscale base map
- fixed white area on M4 upper reciever/dust cover
- created base material instance for each shirt type