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Mission Screen Rework! DR4X Weekly Changelog #43: 5/20/2022

Back to changerlogs earlier than expected!
I am now moved in and comfortable in my new house!

This week, ive gotten to working on the mission screen to get it to the way I envisioned, and I added a neat new difficulty slider!
Most of the following was live as of last night! Lets go...
Gameplay and UI

-When you click upon a mission it shows a menu that allows you to begin scenario and shows how well you have done previously with star ratings

-When you click a mission it enlarges it and puts a bold outline on it

-Added cacnel button that lets you go back to map

-All missions say their difficulty level

-Added data structure and functionality for mission unlocks

-Added data structure for rating how well you have done on a particular mission

-Clicking a mission will allow you to choose to begin it, also displays its name, its difficulty level, how many stars you have if any and your best time

-When a mission is selected it hides "Leave Realm", and shows correct "Begin" and "Cancel" buttons

-Changed intro pop up UI

-Added new "Handicap Slider" which allows the player to modify enemy damage and their own damage to further tailor the skirmishes to the difficulty they want

Bug Fixes

-Fixed issues with adding new difficulty slider


-Gave warriors +1 Movement

-Gave rangers +0.5 Piercing

-Increased ranger swiftness by 10

-Increased Warrior tenacity by 5

Suggestion for testers

-Try out the new handicap system!

YouTube Spotlight of the week!

Nothing this time, hope more folks do videos on DR4X in the future!