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Patch 0.34.05l - Hotfixes

Let's continue with another daily hotfix!
Please read the following notes.


  • Added new personal item events
  • Added a teaser event for the next character
  • Updated game credits

Bug prevention

  • Added a safety feature to prevent some loading errors

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a major bug that could cause characters to freeze when using different machines such as treadmills
  • Fixed personal items that did not always apply the bonus correctly
  • Fixed interaction with satellites
  • Fixed a bug on mining actions that sometimes prevented the character from interacting with the ore
  • Fixed a discussion that sometimes caused an animation loop
  • Fixed saving when a character is exhausted
  • Fixed notifications that displayed more than one confirmation button
  • Fixed in-game roadmap not always displaying correctly
  • Fixed the tooltip for sulphur chimneys
  • Fixed station inventory tooltip
  • Fixed the timer in the communication machine
  • Fixed various small save/load bugs
  • Fixed a conflict between the main menu panels
  • Fixed some other missing or wrong locations


  • Reduced the heat emitted by sulphur wells when they are active