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Comedy point and click adventure A Twisted Tale has a demo and Kickstarter live

Full of loony characters, unexpected twists and challenging riddles A Twisted Tale looks like another interesting point and click adventure coming with Native Linux support.

Read the full article here: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2022/06/comedy-point-and-click-adventure-a-twisted-tale-has-a-demo-and-kickstarter-live

Live on Kickstarter!

Hello dear adventure friends,

Now it's time, now it's up to you!

The Kickstarter for A Twisted Tale is now live and only with your help can I realise the game as I have planned it. With full voice over in German and English - and translated into other languages.


I am really grateful and happy about every little help. Whether you support me financially, send me a few lines of encouragement, or just tell me about A Twisted Tale - every support helps me to make the game come true.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Greetings from Germany,

A Twisted Tale is part of the Future Games Show

Hello adventure fans,

Aren't these incredible news?
A Twisted Tale is part of GamesRadar's Future Games Show - I still can't believe it!

You can follow the show on Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and on GamesRadar itself - and of course on Steam ːsteamhappyː.

I look forward to celebrating this special day together with you!

Stay healthy and greetings from Germany!


Pre-Launch Kickstarter page is online!

Hello adventure fans,

"Oh boy, oh boy, and this is just the beginning!" (Quote: Kenny Falmouth in Monkey Island 3, German version)

Today is a great day to quote Kenny's words. Because as of today, there is a pre-launch page on Kickstarter, which you can find here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eva-a-twisted-tale/a-twisted-tale

There, with just one click, you can ensure that you receive a notification as soon as the Kickstarter goes online.

The campaign is intended to secure funding for the German and English voice over and also make (further) translations possible.

It will start soon! If you want to be one of the Early Birds, don't forget to activate your notification ;)

Stay healthy and see you soon,


[h3]Hello adventure friends,[/h3]

As a solo developer, it is a very special honour and great pleasure for me to be part of this year's Women's Day event on Steam!

The event starts Monday 7 March and runs until Friday 11 March.

Keep up to date with the latest news on Twitter and / or Discord. And don't miss any more important events by signing up for the Newsletter.
In the spirit of International Women's Day there will be something to see and hear from me here and there :)

Also, my 23-Point-&-Click-Homage-and-Reference-Challenge is still running for all savvy adventure game connoisseurs who want to go exploring in the A Twisted Tale gameplay demo. You can find out more about the Challenge and this stupid T-shirt here: https://twitter.com/TaleTwisted/status/1499380829310668806

I hope you enjoy this wonderful event,

greetings from Germany,