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  3. DSX v3 BETA 017 released. Check out what's new!

DSX v3 BETA 017 released. Check out what's new!

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[h3]BETA 017 Release Notes:[/h3]
  • Touchpad has 2 new modes available with 1 additional coming soon:
    • Passthrough:
      Passing touchpad data to a Virtual Controller like DualShock 4 or DualSense.
    • Touchpad to Mouse:
      Allows you to seamlessly control your PC's mouse cursor with touchpad movements. Customize settings such as Press to Left Click, Tap to Left Click, Tap to Right Click with 2 fingers, and adjust sensitivity speed for precise or fast mouse movement. Additionally, configure a Gamepad Button to instantly set the mouse speed as desired. Tailor scrolling sensitivity to ensure smooth scrolling with two fingers, whether inverted or not.
    • Touchpad+ (Coming Soon) :
      Will let you select various parts of the Touchpad to activate certain actions like:
      • Map to Button (Virtual Controller)
      • Map to Keyboard Button
      • Map to Mouse Button
      • Map to Shortcut
      • Map to Joystick Movement
  • Ukrainian language support has been added.
  • Addressed a bug where the Home Page incorrectly indicated a new Firmware update was available, despite the current version being higher than the latest version from Sony's servers.
  • Eliminated default FN bindings when creating or resetting a new Actions profile.
  • Bug Fixes and more: Implemented internal bug fixes and optimizations to enhance overall system stability and performance.