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  3. DSX v3 BETA 018 released. Check out what's new!

DSX v3 BETA 018 released. Check out what's new!

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[h3]BETA 018 Release Notes:[/h3]
  • Introducing Joystick Deadzones: Enhance your gaming precision with customizable settings. Currently featuring a Radial Deadzone, allowing you to configure the inner deadzone size that is ignored. Easily adjust settings for the Left or Right Stick in Controller Page -> Deadzones -> Left or Right Stick.
  • Resolved Button Mapping Issues for Actions
  • DualSense Edge Paddles and FN buttons integration into Touchpad to Mouse Precise or Fast sensitivity speeds.
  • Resolved issue with Deadzone profiles not updating the UI when navigating or switching profiles
  • Updated translations for Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and German languages