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DSX v3 BETA 015 released. Check out what's new!

If you own the DLC and don't have v3, Make sure you switch to the v3 BETA branch.
Instructions here.

If you encounter any bugs or issues, reporting them to our Discord server will be the best way to get the support you need. Join our Discord server

[h3]BETA 015 Release Notes:[/h3]
  • Introducing Full Dark Mode: Enjoy a Sleek Dark Interface. Enable it in the Settings Page under Interface -> Full Dark Mode.
  • Introducing Automatic Launch of DSX v2: Start your DSX experience directly in v2 upon startup. Easily switch back to v3 by holding the ESCAPE (esc) key during DSX startup. To enable/disable this feature, navigate to Settings Page -> Behavior -> Launch DSX v2 Automatically.
  • Bug Fixes and more: Implemented internal bug fixes and optimizations to enhance overall system stability and performance.