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DSX v3 BETA 016 released. Check out what's new!

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[h3]BETA 016 Release Notes:[/h3]
  • Introducing Window Background Effects: Elevate your desktop experience with 4 dynamic options. Choose from None for a clean look, Mica and Tabbed for Windows 11 users, and Acrylic for Windows 10 and newer. Please note, Full Dark Mode is available for None or Mica background effects only. Customize this feature in Settings Page -> Interface-> Window Background Effect.
  • Resolved Issue with DS Edge Controller View: Paddles now display correctly when Full Dark Mode is active.
  • Fixed Dynamic Rumble Sync Issue in Vibration Trigger Mode: Resolved the problem where disabling 'Send Data to Device' in Native Mode for USB connection still resulted in the vibration trigger being active.
  • Addressed Issue with Multiple DSX Instances: Users will now receive a pop-up confirmation in case of multiple DSX instances attempting to run. The message will prompt users to close all instances and restart or continue with the current running instance.
  • Bug Fixes and more: Implemented internal bug fixes and optimizations to enhance overall system stability and performance.