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Icemaze Cave: Skate Escape News

News #6 - macOS support

Icemaze Cave: Skate Escape is now available on macOS!

Now you can finally skate through the caves even if you're on your Macbook.

A macOS version was one of the first requests we got when Icemaze Cave was released. Happy to oblige!

If you notice any issues with the new macOS version (or any other version), please reach out to us on Discord, in the Steam Discussions forum, or through the Steam support channels.

News #5 - Japanese localization

Today, we added support for a second language: Japanese!

Japanese-speaking players can now navigate the menus, read the in-game instructions and skim through the credits with ease - all in 日本語.

You can choose your preferred language directly in the Steam client or from the in-game "OPTIONS" menu.

[h3]Additional languages[/h3]

We'd like to support even more languages and locales. Would you like to help us translate Icemaze Cave: Skate Escape into your language? Reach out to us on Discord or in the Steam Discussions forum!

Patch Notes #2

Today's update includes the following changes:
  • Localization support. The game now has localization support and a Japanese version.
  • Improved pixel art rendering. The in-game graphics are now better aligned with the pixel grid, resulting in better-looking art.
  • Ending screen removed from the levels menu. The ending screen used to look like a level you hadn't completed yet. Now you can properly enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your 100% completion rate.

Patch Notes #1

Today's update includes the following changes:
  • Additional keys for zoom in/out. The default key chosen for the zoom in action was incompatible with some keyboard layouts. We've now included an extra pair of keys just in case. These can also be rebound in the options menu.
  • Performance improvements. Levels will load faster and memory consumption is lower.
  • Improved ultra-wide screen support. The level borders will now render more nicely on ultra-wide screens.

This update was the first post-release patch. Future updates are already in the works. Stay tuned!

News #4 - Released now!

We're ecstatic to announce that the full game is now released!

That being said, this is not the last you'll hear from the Ornbjorn team. We already have some updates in the works, so make sure to keep an eye on the announcements if that sounds interesting to you.

Finally, as always, we'd love to hear from you! You can always reach out directly to us, leave feedback through the Steam Discussion board or on our Discord server.