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Alpha Build: Archtower v0.3.11.6

Archtower v0.3.11.6 Alpha build is ready!
Free Demo updated as well.

v0.3.11.6 Patchnotes:
[h3]WHAT'S NEW[/h3]
    -Alpha and Demo-
  • New logo

    -Only for Alpha-
  • New weapon: Mauls
  • New weapon: Crossbows
  • New class: Electro
  • New class: Stalker
  • New archetype: Specialist
  • New skill resource type: Fatigue
  • New pet: Hound (so far there are a number of problems, also bugs are expected)
  • New quests
  • New quest locations
  • After Thunder King boss gemcutter in Clan's Domain has more power crystals to sell
  • Merchants now sell a new consumable, a treat for a Stalker's pet, it heals the dog

    -Alpha and Demo-
  • Added a notification when Tenacious trait saves your char's live
  • Now you can read power crystal's skill description in a tooltip of item
  • It is more obvious that you woun't be able equip an overenhanced item
  • Bigger minimap
  • Lesser cost of Tower Attendant's bottles
  • Normal thunderer elves now has damage spreading
  • Added a cuople of rats for the 1st floor
  • Dramatically reduced exp given from quests
  • Added a notification that you can't open a bag with dropped loot in combat
  • If gates are unllocked you see the exit on the map glowing green and blinking
  • Added glow halo to lamps of the clan's domain
  • Added info about Fatigue to the manual
  • Other minor changes

    -Only for Alpha-
  • Redrawn the new fancy dress (yellow-orange one) for showing on the character
  • Elite elven archers and thunderers are nerfed a bit

    -Only for Demo-
  • Maximum level for a demo is only 6 now
  • Equipment enhancement is not allowed in demo
  • Now you can see how many floors there are in the Tower, even those that are not in the demo

    -Alpha and Demo-
  • Bug is fixed, "Titan Grip" perk won't show up until you build a forge
  • Quiter blip sound on studio's logo screen
  • Bug is fixed, on normal crystal chests dropped 1 gold, instead of 0
  • Bug is fixed, Multistrike crystal could be used while shielding up, and while aiming with extraslot weapons
  • Bug is fixed, game crushed when you quick use consumable that doesn't exist in your inventory
  • Bug is fixed, Vandal's warcry attracted mosquitos instead of pushing them off
  • Other minor fixes

    -Only for Alpha-
  • Bug is fixed, the web of spiderons could make it impossible to escape from the level through the entrance, even after the end of effect
  • You get "Please, Bring Me Home" quest only after completing both prequests
  • Removed dupe of heavy cuirass on the "Lost Land" quest location
  • Better pathfinding for mobs on level 7-2