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补丁更新 2024.4.17


  • 修复了 将符卡的释放键改为鼠标右键后,关闭界面时卡住的问题;
  • 修复了 特定情况下,符卡无法被卸载与替换的问题;
  • 修复了 徽章 [无双剑客] 有概率不生效的问题;
  • 修复了 最终BOSS在变身阶段中,变身对象与坐标不匹配的问题。

  • 小幅提升 射击道具 [店长的眼镜] 的伤害;
  • 小幅缩短 数名BOSS的无敌阶段的时长。



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Patch note 2024.4.12

This update includes the following fixes and adjustments:

  • Added phase names to all the bosses added in this update.

  • Improved the performance of the final boss.
  • On the Bunny Train, you can now interact with NPCs while in the air.
  • Holding the jump key while in the air now lets you hover faster.
  • Slightly improved the density of the lasers in story stage 7's final phase.
  • Slightly decreased the health of story stage 4 boss's final phase.

  • Fixed an issue where cutscenes could still be skipped with tab in the pause screen.

We sincerely appreciate everyone's bug reports. We'll continue to address various issues in the game and continuously optimize its performance.

If you encounter any problems during gameplay, please feel free to provide feedback via email!
Email address: [email protected]

补丁更新 2024.4.9


  • 缩短了 每次冲刺之间的冷却时长;
  • 降低了 帮助模式升级时所需的满身疮痍次数;
  • 提升了 帮助模式的帮助强度。

  • 修复了 符卡 [梦日记] 初始释放时获取的勇气等级数量有误的问题;
  • 修复了 徽章有概率丢失的问题;
  • 修复了 一些文本描述错误。



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  • 11张角色立绘
  • 11张精美涂鸦
  • 14首游戏原声音乐




Patch note 2024.4.5

This update contains the following fixes and adjustments:

    You can now use spell cards during the final phase of the final boss.
    In the deserted train, after returning to the normal train through the bed, you can now see Story Stage 6 and Challenge Stage - Ruler of the World in the Navigation Terminal.
      Slightly increased the damage of the Gohei.
      Slightly increased the "help" from Help Mode.
        Fixed an issue where the Dream Diary spell card would show that there is no spell card.
        Fixed an issue in Challenge Stage - Ruler of the World where pausing after defeating the boss would make the pause screen unable to be closed.
        Fixed an issue where Help Mode wouldn't activate.
        Fixed some issues with the text.

          Thank you to everyone who took the time to report bugs. We'll continue to fix any issues that crop up with the game. If you encounter any issues during gameplay, you can get in touch with us in the following ways: