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Goodbye, Prologue/ Hello, Demo

Important announcement!

We will shortly delete Phoenix Springs: Prologue from Steam.

Apologies for the change of heart – especially if you took the time to write a lovely review.

We simply found that having a demo on the main page makes more sense. The Prologue and Demo are identical, so it was redundant and confusing. Hope it doesn't mess up your Steam libraries too much.

So this page will be your main destination for Phoenix Springs news from now on.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter on our website at calligramstudio.com

I will be answering any questions below if you have any.
We can't wait to let you into the world of Phoenix Springs.

Calligram Studio.

Save & Sound - A celebration of music in games is going live September 11 - 14!

[h2]Get ready![/h2]

Join us September 11 - 14 right here on Steam for one of the largest digital expos about audio and music in games. Save & Sound features concerts, deep-dives, and mashups from 70+ developers from around the world!

Starting at 10am PDT / 7pm CEST, a 3-day live show from September 11 - 13 will showcase original content made just for Save & Sound.

Calligram Studio makes an appearance with a recorded live session. You can watch it live on the 12th.

[h2]Don’t miss out on updates![/h2]

Set a reminder to be notified when Save & Sound will go live!

The show will be streamed on the Save & Sound website, YouTube, and Twitch. Check out all the games part of the event on saveandsound.io

Phoenix Springs – Official Trailer

Yesterday, SixOneIndie premiered our official trailer as part of its Summer Showcase.

This is what they had to say about it: “Just when you've seen it all, a game like Phoenix Springs rolls around and totally blows you away with its storytelling and aesthetic.”

Which was nice. Anyway, here is the trailer, we hope you like it :)


Graphics Options Now Ready

You can finally tweak the in-game settings, including:

• Resolution
• Texture quality
• VSync
• Full Screen On/Off

+ A handy (approximate) FPS counter

Let's hope we didn't break anything 🤞

Phoenix Springs: Prologue – Play It For Free Now!

You can now play the first act of Phoenix Springs for free!

It's available here on Steam or itch.io

If you get the chance, please leave a review because it helps us a ton.
We'd also love to hear your feedback, thoughts, questions – anything goes!

[email protected]

Thanks so much in advance 🙏