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Release Trailer, Release Date, SummerGameFest, Day of the Devs

Hi there!

Phoenix Springs appeared in three (three!) SummerGameFest showcases last weekend, including Future of Play, Women-Led Games and Day of the Devs.

It's been an incredible opportunity to introduce "the prettiest detective game ever" to a mind-blowingly huge audience.

Here's the big news:

• Release date: September 16th
• PC, Mac, Linux
• Release trailer has been added to the Steam page.
• You can also watch it below 👇


I will compile a list of FAQs and post the answers in a community post. In the meantime, feel free to ask anything here or on Twitter.

It's finally happening, folks!


A MAZE Berlin Nomation, London Games Festival Official Selection

Last two events before (we hope) the big news.

London Games Festival official selection (Best of British)

A MAZE Berlin nomination (Gender Diversity Award presented by WINGS)

We won't make it to the UK capital but will be in Berlin in person May 8th-12th. Do come say hi if you're about 👋.

Phoenix Springs - Demo Playthrough + Live Chat

Come ask questions about the game during the Storyteller's Festival.

Phoenix Springs is one of Rock Paper Shotgun's Most Anticipated Games of 2024!

Rock Paper Shotgun listed Phoenix Springs as one of its 75 most anticipated games of 2024.
You can find the full list here, which includes some great projects we're excited to play ourselves.

In other news, we'll be showcasing the demo in person at the Debug Indie Game Awards in Nottingham on February 2nd. If you're around, please do come and say hi!

Phoenix Springs Wins Best Art Direction at IndieX Lisbon!

Hi there,

over the past few months, we've been incredibly lucky to get to showcase the Phoenix Springs demo around the world. There was WASDxIGN in London, SXSW in Sydney, and IndieX in Lisbon.

It’s been a true privilege to chat with players, press, and fellow developers. Not only has the reception been fantastic, but we’re also pleased to announce that the last event culminated in us ]winning our first award for Best Art Direction!

The award is of course dedicated to the talented artists in the team, namely Eleanor for her illustrations and animations, Alex for his sound design, and Alexandra for her voice work.

It's also a great time to thank IndieX and all of you for your continued support

[h2]What's Next?

We're back at work on the game, more or less full-time. Today, Alexandra delivered her ten-thousandth recorded word as Iris Dormer. Alex is mixing her lines as we speak. We also exported a timelapse of one of Eleanor's animations. It might give you an idea of the amount of work that goes into a one-second clip.

[h2]Thank You[/h2]

As always, thanks for your support and patience as we continue crafting the game. And to answer the big question: still no release date, but it's coming :)


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