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  3. [Developer's Note #23] Her name is Eurydia.

[Developer's Note #23] Her name is Eurydia.

Hello, this is the 213℉ Development Team.

In the last issue #22, we introduced one of the main character's rivals, Eurydia Von Valhllaheart, with illustrations. In this issue, we would like to introduce how Eurydia became a 3D figure!

The Chibi character is, of course, designed by KUROBOSHI KOUHAKU!

From 2D to 3D, we shape them side by side and compare them.

We finish the 3D, checking it from various 360 degree angles!

Here are some of Eurydia's facial expressions in the game! You can see that she is very expressive in her emotions. We hope you will enjoy the game to see what kind of character she actually is!

We will continue to introduce new characters in the next issue, so please follow us and add on your Wish list to stay tuned for more information!