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Omega Crafter AWARD (δ) Winners Announced 🎊

Thank you for your continued support of Omega Crafter.

We are pleased to announce the AWARD winners of the "Omega Crafter AWARD (δ) held from March 29 to April 7, 2024. We received many submissions of play videos, screenshots, fan art, etc. 🎉
Click here for an overview of the Omega Crafter AWARD!

The result of the strict judging,
10 works were selected as AWARD winners in 3 categories + special awards!

We are very happy to announce the winners. 🥳
Now we will announce them at ......!

🏆List of AWARD winning entries (titles omitted)

1. Ghost x Dance floor (Created by わさび)
Gorgeous & kawaii! Click here for the post.

2. Grammi Race (Created by @Peppop84)
This is a great work that uses signboards to broadcast the race and Grammi's facial expressions!
Click here for the post.

3. A nice cozy home for my unused guys(Created by Zed) This Grammi's "home" is decorated with shields!
Click here for the post.

4. Self-exploding lumberjack (Created by @roto_samana)
Surely there is a way to use it like this...!
Click here for the post.

1. Pseudo-n times size container(Created by akabana) Code that makes production and processing convenient by controlling the content volume of containers. The short code is easy for other users to adopt!
Click here for the post.

2. Slot Machine(Created by @shixi4bp)
Fun idea with many possible applications. We would love to see different versions!
Click here for the post.

[h2]City Building[/h2] 
1. Architectures around water (Created by @pokomaru39) ]
Good combination of architectural materials! We would love to be invited to a town like this!
Click here for the post.

2. Sendai's cityscape(Created by @MiyaTokaGames)
[previewyoutube][/previewyoutube] Sendai is one of the cities in Japan. It is Faithfully reproduced!

3. Torii Gate(Created by @fre__d__) We never thought a torii gate would appear in the Omega world..!
Click here for the post.

[h2]Special Prize[/h2]
Apart from the three categories, the development team will award special prizes to works that surprised us🏆.

Digital Panel(Created by sunsunjpn)
An amazing work in terms of both ideas and programming skills. Fun to look at too!

Click here for the post.This is an extra version!


Congratulations to the AWARD winners 🎊🎊🎊!
We will be sharing these AWARD winning entries on Twitter/Discord.
As proof of your award, you will be granted a Discord role soon💎💎 Please wait for the announcement!

In addition to screenshots and videos, users shared information about how to enjoy playing Omega Crafter in various ways, such as blogs and posts!
Our development team is very happy to find them🌟.

We will continue to plan various campaigns and awards for Omega Crafter in the future 📣.
Stay tuned for more updates!

Omega Crafter

[v0.5.9] Patch Note

[h2]Bug Fixes[/h2]
  • Fixed an issue where coding blocks were not working correctly in several languages.

[v0.5.8] Patch Note

[h2]New Features[/h2]
  • Enabled sharing of map status and icons at the Cartography Table.

  • Added “put stackable item in {storage}” block.
    • This behaves similarly when the player performs Action-2 on Single-Type Container or Multi-Type Chest.
  • Added “can mine ore at {mine}” block.
  • Added “{storage} has capacity for {item}” block.

  • Added a search box to the item selection screen.

  • The coding editor now supports German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Thai.
  • When purchasing items or summoning Grammis at the City Symbol, players can now consume materials stored in containers within the city, even if they do not directly possess the materials.
  • A warning will now be displayed when the capacity limit of the Grammi program is exceeded.

[h2]Balance Adjustments[/h2]
  • To make it clear when Grammi is already holding an item and attempts to pick up another item fail, pickaxes and axes are now hidden.
  • Changed the behavior of the “mine ore from {mine}” block.
  • Changed the contents of the ‘Mining’ and “Farming” templates in City Grammi.

[h2]Bug Fixes[/h2]
  • Fixed an issue where playing games with long programs set in Grammi can cause problems such as the game not starting properly, Grammi not appearing, and saves not being performed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons produced critical damage to vulnerabilities through shockwaves upon landing from jump attacks, which should not occur.
  • Fixed an issue where the Buddy Grammi's HP at the start of the game could be lower than it was at the last save if the "Increase Buddy Grammi's HP" skill had been acquired.
  • Fixed an issue where items would fly far away by skill resets.
  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of some bosses could temporarily become invisible immediately after being summoned.

What’s Next for Omega Crafter🚀

Hello, this is the Omega Crafter dev-team.
We officially announce the Omega Crafter's Upcoming features!

[h2]Upcoming features📣[/h2]

As we announced in our release announcement Steam NEWS, we are going to continue our development on Omega Crafter after launching the early access version. Here is the plan!

Looking for a fresh source of food? Automate the catch of the day with Grammi’s added “fishing” behaviors. Maximize efficiency with the addition of new coding blocks, then personalize Grammi’s appearance with added appearance options.

Quality-of-life improvements
Explorers will enjoy quality-of-life improvements like an updated UI, improved performance, full controller support and additional language support!

New biomes
Details will be announced later!

[h2]Your Feedback Does Matter![/h2]

In addition to the update listed the image, we will also address the requests or bug reports received from players.

Fortunately, many players have played Omega Crafter and found some serious issues that our small dev-team could not come across.

We need your help to make Omega Crafter the best game ever. Please give us your feedback in the official Discord server! Thank you for your continued support and dedication.

Omega Crafter


[v0.5.7] Patch Note

[h2]Bug Fixes[/h2]

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when placing more than 6758 city tiles. Now, up to 16384 tiles can be placed.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented entering the world during load in multiplayer.
    • Fixed an issue where city, field, and road tiles became invisible.

[h2]Known Issues[/h2]

We have confirmed that exceeding a certain size in Grammi's program can cause the following issues:
  • Grammi's program does not execute correctly.
  • Grammi does not appear at the start of the game.

Specifically, placing more than approximately 200 lines of code across multiple tabs for a single Grammi can lead to issues. However, the amount of code that can be placed may vary depending on the content of the code.

We are in the process of refining solutions to this issue. We appreciate your understanding and kindly request your patience as we finalize a resolution.