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STEAM AUTUMN SALE 2023 | 70% - 85% discounts!

Autumn sale 2023 has started!

We have discounted almost all of our games from 70% to 85%.

We ask you to nominate our new game SKIBIDI BACKROOMS.



UPDATE v0.4 is already available in SKIBIDI BACKROOMS!

Update v0.4 is already available in SKIBIDI BACKROOMS!

[h2]Change list:[/h2]

  • -New level - Level !RUN!.
  • -Added voice chat system. Push "V" to talk.
    (It's very quiet now, we will fix this in the next update)
  • -Minor fixes in character control.

[h2]We will also add Achievements tomorrow.[/h2]

If you find any bugs or errors in the level, please write under this post or create a new topic.

A little news about our group on VK.

We recently created a community on VK. We ask you to subscribe to our group. There will be news about the development of our games, as well as giveaways and much more!


We look forward to your support!

Sincerely, Rosa Special Studio!

Update v0.3 is already available in SKIBIDI BACKROOMS!

Change list:
  • -New character model - Camera Man.
  • -New level - Level 974.
  • -Minor user interface changes.
  • -Added camera sensitivity change.
  • -Minor fixes in character control.
  • -Fixed jump animation.
  • -Netcode optimization.
  • -Added 5 new achievements.

SKIBIDI BACKROOMS - 40% discount ends soon! Hurry up to buy!

Only 5 hours left until the 40% discount ends! Hurry up to purchase the game!