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Introducing Forty-Niner, a survival RPG set in the Wild West of 1849

Become the Legend of the Frontier!

We're finally announcing our debut game which we've been developing for a few years now. This is Forty-Niner and it's coming early next year to Early Access.
Long story short, this is the context of the game:
Survival meets sandbox in a lively, ever-changing world, delivering a one-of-a-kind Western experience of 1849. Experience freedom as a pioneer seeking a glint of fortune, setting out into a massive world to strike it rich mining, build a homestead, or adventure through dense wilderness, alone or with friends in online multiplayer.

Play as either a member of the Cowboy or Native American factions, each with specialized subclasses like farmers, sheriffs, chiefs, and more. Unlock and master a variety of skills and carve out a life in the procedural open world. Mine through destructible terrain to tap into the earth’s riches, hunt wild game for food and leather, or become a tycoon of commerce by trading with NPCs in settlements.

If you like the theme, make sure to add it to your wishlists!


We're a small studio and focusing on delivering features as much as we can, but the best way to reach us is our Discord server:


While development progresses we'll ask your opinion on different features so make sure to show your interest in participation.
Also don't forget to sign up to our closed testing on the website: https://forty-niner.net

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