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Experience visceral VR combat when Bulletstorm VR launches January 18, 2024

Do you read me, Dead Echo? We’ve been working hard with Incuvo to bring Bulletstorm into virtual reality. We’re proud to announce that we’re launching on January 18 2024! Today we'll tell you a little more about how we’ve adapted the game’s frenetic combat especially for virtual reality.

In Bulletstorm VR, you’ll embark on an ultraviolent journey of survival and revenge as you and your squad battle across the abandoned resort planet of Stygia. Get ready to step into the boots of Grayson Hunt and settle his vendetta against the corrupt General Sarrano once and for all. As you cut a swathe of destruction through badlands, terror domes, and derelict ruins you’ll collect a veritable arsenal of high-tech weaponry.

Combat in Bulletstorm gets the blood flowing: between the hail of projectiles, hordes of enemies, and dangerous environments, there’s so many different options for you to unleash destruction! Experiencing all of this in virtual reality levels up the gunplay and melee combat to a completely new heights. Haptic feedback adds an intense sense of immersion, especially during a tough fight when you’re not sure who will still be left standing. When you’re hanging on by the skin of your teeth, the vibrations remind you of what’s on the line and that you’re living life dangerously close to the edge. But nothing beats the feeling of finishing off that last pesky mutant!

As a rogue ex-assassin driven by blind revenge, Grayson Hunt is familiar with death in all its gory forms. Turn his vengeance into an artform with the skillshot system that put Bulletstorm on the map, now lovingly adapted for VR. The more mayhem you cause, the bigger the reward. You can use your energy leash to literally fling enemies into their friend’s bullets, give your foes the shock of their lives by kicking them into exposed wiring, or launch enemies helplessly into the air with your thumper and turn their worlds upside down with its stasis explosion.

Switch from melee and ranged combat seamlessly and use the environment to get an edge over your foes. The power is in your hands to unleash the most creative and deadly kills possible! Get inventive as you destroy anyone - and anything - that dares to stand between you and your crew’s survival.

We’ve been working hard to make sure Bulletstorm roars in this new format. This time when you crash land on Stygia, you’ll feel the heart-pounding, frenetic combat like never before - especially when you feel the vibrations of a big ass explosion. Bulletstorm VR comes out this January 18 2024. Get ready to lace up your boots, kick the doors down, and unleash destruction with your energy leash in one hand and a gun in the other.