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Bulletstorm VR is OUT NOW on Steam

Experience this brutal first-person action shooter that puts you in the ass-kicking boots of the hotheaded space mercenary Grayson Hunt and get the hands-on creative carnage experience with classic, fast-paced gunplay and devastating melee combos powered by fully redesigned controls for Virtual Reality.

As an exiled member of the elite assassin group Dead Echo, blinded by a thirst for vengeance, Grayson gets stranded in the hostile world of Stygia, where he has to confront the ex-commander who betrayed him.

For the first time, lace up your badass mercenary babe boots as the legendary Trishka Novak exclusively in Bulletstorm VR. Dual-wield your new Energy Blade weapons to carve your way through mutated hordes in 2 brand-new levels.

Use power kicks, slides, charged shots, explosives, and your environment to execute a symphony of Skillshots. Aim for maximum carnage combos to ramp your rewards and unlock new weapons, charge shots, and ammo capacity.

Take the iconic Energy Leash and the entire Bulletstorm arsenal of weapons to the next level with exclusive dual-wielding in VR! See an enemy out of reach? Pull them in closer to admire the barrel of your gun or fling them into oncoming bullets for some not-so-friendly fire.

Battle your way through hordes of Stygia's mutated inhabitants! Gun down everything in your path, from crazy raiders to colossal skyscraper-sized beasts, as you cut a swathe of destruction through badlands, urban ruins, and terror domes.