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Duskers achievements are here!

Hey all,

Achievements are here for all OS's (Win/Mac/Linux) :)
Hopefully the narrative ones (and other UI adjustments) give players a better sense when storylines are complete, and the gameplay ones give players some fun goals and new ways to play.

So many thanks to:
  • All who submitted the 600+ achievement ideas! Especially T3cube, NoDontDoThat101, and biohazard001380 - who had their ideas chosen :)
  • All those that suggested names, many of which we chose!
  • Finally, thanks to Jude for 16 really amazing achievement icons (I wish they were displayed at full rez so players could see the scanlines better!)

The update should be automatic. You'll know you've gotten it when you see v1.202 in the bottom right corner of the Main Menu (Duskers Boot Utility).

If you do find bugs that you believe might be specific to this version please post them in the Support/Issues/Bugs Sub-forum with "[v1.202]" at the beginning of the title (please include your OS in the post).

(WARNING: Some changes could act oddly if you're in the middle of a run. This doesn't seem extremely likely, but if you are in the middle of a run and aren't willing to risk starting a new one, you may want to switch to the "Past" branch till your run is ended, or see THIS post)

Please let us know your thoughts/feedback on any of these things below (possible spoilers)!


  • 16 Achievements!
  • All objective categories now dim when complete
  • v1.102 Daily Challenge salvage drone upgrades were different between operating systems
  • Crash when alias.txt contains duplicate keys
  • Super-Predator Objective 5 now correctly gets marked as complete
  • Cosmic Event Storyline no longer disappears from Objectives UI

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!

-Tim (Duskers Creator Guy)