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Don't Forget to Update the Game!

Hello, we have released updates addressing issues such as crashes, corruption of save files, and some logical errors that occurred before the '0.66' version of our game. If your current game version is lower than 0.66, for a smoother and more problem-free gaming experience, please enable Automatic Updates on Steam or manually update your game.

If you encounter any issues with your game, please visit our Discord channel to report them. We will do our best to assist you.

Discord: https://discord.gg/carforsale23

Update # New Staff and Bug Fixes 🧑‍🍳🪲

[h2]🧑‍🍳 Vitamin Bar Staff (Kate)[/h2]
Now, you can hire a staff member for your busy vitamin bar. This staff member can prepare protein shakes, make toast (which will soon be replaced with chicken and rice), and serve them to customers. All you need to do is replenish the food stock of the vitamin bar as it diminishes; Kate will take care of all other tasks.

[h2]🕷️ Bug Fixes[/h2]
  • Some critical problems that interrupted the save system are solved.
  • The bug where hired staff were not coming to work is fixed.
  • The bug where fired staff were still coming to work is fixed.

Bulk Bug Fix

-All issues with the employees have been fixed. They are working smoothly and actively.
-Employees' speeds have been increased according to their levels.
-Issues like freezing and matches not starting in the boxing mechanic have been fixed.
-The issue of not being able to place decoration items on the wall of the 2nd Gym has been fixed.
-The problem of NPCs' clothes disappearing when approaching them in the Pub has been fixed.
-Customer NPCs who couldn't find a changing room when the pool was newly opened will now be able to use the changing booths in the GYM section.

Update # Blackjack ! 🎲

Sports fans and casino lovers, get ready! Gym Simulator 24 has added an exciting feature with an innovative update: Blackjack!

Now you can not only exercise your muscles, but also your mind while working out or spending time in your fitness center. Blackjack will increase the energy and fun of Gym Simulator 24, offering players a different experience.


Blackjack Fix

Blackjack added to the Pub and fixed its minor bugs.