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Don't fight alone.

local co-op mode and also the Steam RemotePlay!

It is never good to face the enemy alone; it is better to have a teammate with whom to share burdens and honors. Even nicer if this buddy is your friend sitting next to you.

In Until the Last Plane 1942 you can both play local co-op on the same computer or even better with RemotePlay across the world!

Each player can choose whether to use the keyboard or the gamepad.

Don't have a gamepad at your friend's house? No problem, you can share the keyboard: the first player will use WASD, the second player Arrows Keys instead.

...Well yes, you guessed it: You can also play solo by controlling two planes with the keyboard. Will you dare?


How can you handle your wingmen?

Hi everybody!

Down below you'll find the first image of the Squadron Management System in Until the Last Plane 1942

As you can see there will be different skills for each wingman (on the left) and you need to compose your formation (on the right).

What build are you going to make? More HP for hard fighting? Or more bombs to strike the ground?

The hangar

Let's talk about the hangar...

It is not shown yet in the video and screenshots because it is under construction, but you can see a quick preview here:

Things to do at the hangar:

1. You can choose the altitude for the next run. There are different bonus / malus based on it.

2. Spend gained warbonds to repair / refill your plane.

3. Check out your skills / upgrades.