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Looking Through the Lens!

Our inhouse video editor, Joe, shares his insights into working on making content for The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest! Take a look!

[h3]So, here we are working on The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest! As a video editor, how does it feel to go from working on Prison City to TASQ?[/h3]

Joe: It's a pretty smooth transition, as both games are in the same wheelhouse aesthetically, but I'm enjoying TASQ much more, since I can connect to the source material. It's based on one of my favorite game series of all time. I'm a huge horror and retro gaming fan, so working on a modern-retro game dealing with Dracula and other devious denizens of Wallachia is very on-brand for me and a blast to be a part of.

[h3]What do you think makes TASQ different and/or similar to Prison City?[/h3]

Joe: Again, the aesthetics are the same wherein you could look at both as "lost" games of yesteryear, and have them fit amongst your catalog all snug and cozy. However, TASQ is a different flavor than Prison City, especially when it comes to gameplay, objective, and story. It's no secret it emulates and parodies Castlevania, but it's in the best way possible.

[h3]What do you think makes TASQ unique compared to similar titles you have seen or played?[/h3]

Joe: TASQ is Castlevania 2 on crack--plain and simple. Imagine a complete revamp (very much pun intended) of controls, world map, features, inventory, and expanded gameplay all spun into a story that is as funny as it is compelling.

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