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Update 22 December 2021

Happy Christmas everybody. This update includes improvements to the AI, opening the soldiers.xml file for modding and a few bug fixes and minor improvements.

  • Opened soldier.sxml file for modding. Included example in Example Mod.
  • Tweaks to AI to improve unit diversity, and handle allocation of existing units more flexibly.
  • }Fixed bug where sometimes AI would surround city but not attack. Also should be fewer leader only stacks running around.
  • Fixed unit replenishment indicator not showing.
  • Fixed bug with some 3K events.
  • Overlord stacks can now move through vassal stacks even in vassal's territory.

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The Second Oriental Empires DLC: 'Three Kingdoms' is Available Now!

We are excited to announce that the new Oriental Empires DLC: Three Kingdoms, is available today!

Check out the brand-new trailer:

The Three Kingdoms period was one of the most turbulent periods of Chinese history, and the most beloved thanks to its vivid depiction in the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The ancient Han Dynasty was coming to an end, and the empire was in chaos. Bandits and rebels were overrunning the countryside, the Emperor was just a child, and control of the court had been seized by a vicious tyrant.

Yet the time of chaos was also a time of opportunity, when men of courage and ambition could rise to power from outside the traditional aristocracy. A common soldier could become a warlord, a sandal maker could become an emperor, and a fugitive would come to be revered as a god.

In this expansion you take the role of a warlord attempting to re-unite the land, and create a new dynasty.

Three Kingdoms Features
  • Choose from any of 26 factions on a new campaign map that stretches from Vietnam to the northern borders of China.
  • Play as one of the founders of the Three Kingdoms; the tyrant Dong Zhuo; one of many major or minor warlords, or exploit the chaos as a barbarian or bandit.
  • Unique portraits and in-game models of more than a dozen major figures.
  • More than 300 named historical characters.
  • Scripted events introduce new characters and depict important events from history and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel.
  • New unit models depict the soldiers of the Three Kingdoms era, as well as the Nanman and Qiang barbarians.

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