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Update 1.3


With this update we are closing in our main goal which is to close Early Access. This update will increase amount of playable levels to 25 missions.

This update also includes improved and optimized graphics on all levels, new hostage & enemy characters and optimized weapons.

ADDED: 13 classic mode levels and varied difficulty
ADDED: Indication of weapon used to beat level on leaderborad (will add filtered scoreboards in next update)
ADDED: New character models
ADDED: New weapon - Buzzard bolt-action-rifle
ADDED: New optic meshes
ADDED: Overhead indicators for good and bad guys
ADDED: Skip controls jibberish buttons (F) in the tutorial mode - will put you right in tutorial map classic mode
ADDED: Lightning optimisation on all levels
FIXED: Levels split between classic mode and horde mode
FIXED: Weapon no longer gets stuck on fast changes of lowered/raised state
FIXED: Reorganised the economy of the game, semi-auto guns harder to buy
FIXED: Some SSAO related effects improved
CHANGED: Players receive smaller amount of coins pers completition on level (2x less)
CHANGED: Levels are now reorganized but for those who already completed them, your scores remain untouched and you instantly unlock multiple new levels

Please note: once we go full release, all leaderboards will be reset.