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Welcome Black Friday! 

Hey, Anglers!
This Black Friday is here and we prepared for you a very special offer - two deals that you can’t miss!
Firstly, supercharge your Fishing Planet experience to Premium level with a limited-time Black Friday Deal valid through 28th of November:

  • 60% OFF on 360-Day Premium Accounts!
  • 60% OFF on 180-Day Premium Accounts!

Secondly, Black Friday Travel Pack - ultimate opportunity to get unlimited pond passes and advanced licenses to 4 high-level waterways for 30 days + credits and baitcoins for your travels + 30 days premium for the price of Premium account!

Exclusive Black Friday Travel Pack brings you all following with insane 95% discount (compared to buying separately):

  • 30 days Pond Passes and Advanced licenses to the Congo River, Amazon Maze, Marron River and Maku-Maku Lake;
  • 30 days of Premium Account to increase your income;
  • 300 000  Credits for travel fees;
  • and 100 Baitcoins to treat yourself to something special.

Remember, this pack is a time-limited opportunity! Don’t hesitate and grab your special offer asap!